Saturday, October 31, 2009

Things that made me smile

The spontaneous, random jewellery spree I indulged in last night. I scrambled to finish work and ran to the train station so I would get to the shops fifteen minutes before they closed and squeezed in a bout of delighted, breathless grabbing.

All from Accessorize:

An adorable blue bird in a cage. The perch even swings!

Love the topaz coloured eyes.

Earrings, over the graffiti I drew on my chair with a permanent marker. I was inspired by the comic and toy convention - it's supposed to be a bouquet of venus flytraps and other jungle plants.

I'd been looking for stacked rings for the longest time and I'm wearing these today.

And it's good to know that even if I'm having a violent bout of insomnia, I can still lie on the floor and chill with my best buddy.

Even if he does stick his tongue out at me sometimes!

Here's licking at you, kid!

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