Monday, September 19, 2011

Going to a town

Blouse - H&M.  Shorts -  Shoes - New Look.
Ring - Present from Dhany.  Scarf as belt - My mother's.  Earrings - Diva.

What I wore for a quick journey to do some errands in town - easy, breezy and um, yellow.  I'm particularly enamoured by this kitchsy new three-finger ring as I've never owned one before, and not being able to separate your last three phalanges is more comfortable than it looks. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Thanks, Aki!

Aki, of 7% solution (one of my favourite blogs) gave me an award!!  Thank you so much!  So, this is the one lovely blog award and the rules are as follows:
- Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
- Post seven things about yourself.
- Then answer the questions listed below.
- Pass the love to 15 bloggers. Let them know they received an award.

I'm really glad that it doesn't require me to pass this on to fashion bloggers because I read lots of cool blogs that aren't exactly fashion-related.  So, to start with:

I've already done seven things about myself and seven things that I'm anal about, so this time, I thought I would do seven things that I absolutely hate.  I've found that this list is quite irrational and arbitrary, and I'd love to hear what goes on yours!

1)  I loathe hand dryers.  I never use them in restrooms, I think they are a noisy, fussy, startling, uncomfortable waste of energy.  

2)  Cockroaches!  (Though I once kept 30 of them as pets for a science experiment.  I nearly died.)

3) Being hassled by any kind of tout.

4) Toilets and sinks that flush or go on automatically.  What's the need for automation when it comes on while you're still on, if you get my drift?  I'm perfectly capable of pressing a button or turning a handle, thank you.

5) People who have no sense of humour, or are easily offended.

6)  Static electricity.  I really really hate it, to the point that I am occasionally frightened by it and walk around jabbing at random things to earth myself, particularly after collecting washing from the dryer.

7)  I've realised that my list of hated things is so long that I had to think long and hard about what should jostle for the final spot.  I'm going to settle on flakiness.  I really really hate being stood up, or being promised things that never happen.


NAME YOUR FAVORITE SONG: Ever?!  I don't have one absolute favourite song, but my favourite song by my favourite band, The Beatles, is Girl.

NAME YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT: A really good banoffee pie.

WHAT PISSES YOU OFF: People being judgemental.

WHEN YOU ARE UPSET, YOU...: I cry and talk to myself. 

YOUR FAVORITE PET: I've had something like countless fish, eight hamsters, two budgies, a cat, a dog and a bat.  It would be sort of unfair to say in writing and make official which of these is my favourite, but if you've been following this blog in any small way, you'll know.


YOUR BIGGEST FEAR: Uncertainty, or a lack of control.

MY BEST FEATURE:  I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

EVERYDAY ATTITUDE: Um, anxiously optimistic.

WHAT IS PERFECTION: I hate the word perfection.  Nothing in life is perfect.  I prefer happiness.

GUILTY PLEASURE: I was going to say something NSFW, but I'll settle for bingeing on chocolate instead.

1) Season's Ingredients
2) Pieces of Scookys
3) Starbucks and a Girl
4) A Plus B in the Sea
5) Sache e Bombom
6) Solo Lisa
7)  Lexy!
8) Soy Confessions
9) Dressing the Higgenbottom
10) Qin at the Disco
11) Grace
12) The Cat Hag
13) Miss Dorothy
14) I accidentally spent my wages in Topshop
15) Tori!

I'm curious to know all your answers!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back in business

So it's been a while.  I went on unplanned hiatus because school work, university goodbyes and a roadtrip to Wales all happened in the best way possible, and in a manner that is far too exhausting to cover at length.

But I'm back now, and I bring something from the lovely Paperchase who, apart from carrying beautiful stationery and notebooks that make my heart go thump, stock an amazing range of cute, cartoony bags that will be right up your alley if you like Tokidoki or Artbox.

Shriya and I really wanted to buy a bag, but at £19 pounds, the (still gorgeous) bigger ones were still too expensive for our student budget.  That's when she had a great idea - to buy a lunch box to use as a purse!  I got really excited, and even more chuffed when we discovered that the lunchboxes were £6.50 a piece.  I know, right?  No one else believes it either.

I got one in this adorable monster print (though no one needs to know Shriya has the exact same design) and when I brought it out for a farewell dinner and drinks, loads of people asked me about it, and teased me good-naturedly about my lunchbox-bag.  As a mini train case, it works just fine, and at a 20cm length, it's more roomy than one would think.

So here's what I had inside it:

1)  Thick yellow scarf
2)  Ipod
3)  Cards
4)  Cash and change
5)  Eye drops for my contact lenses
6)  My £2 Body Shop lip balm that has been used by practically my whole class.  I'm like some crazy lip balm lady with three or four pots on me at all times and since half the class struggles with chapping, I dole them out during the break like some kind of soup kitchen person.
7)  The Body Shop moroccan rose perfume
8)  Not pictured: my phone

And that's really all you need, isn't it?  A quick tip for those wanting to try the tin-box-as-bag route: put in something soft like a scarf, or something heavy like a big wallet, to stop your stuff from clanging around in a very unbecoming way at the bottom.

Check out the other patterns - they have some adorable food ones - and feel free to share if you've recently done a what's in my bag as well!

Finally, I don't know what this says about me, but I was just as entranced by the packing the lunchbox came in.  I mean, look at it.  You can't say this doesn't get your pulse racing:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Picks of the week: Something a little different

When I initially started the "Picks of the week" tag, I intended for it to be a weekly posting, but to be honest, I don't come across that many things that are that different week to week and even more honestly, some of the very exciting blogs that I've just started read aren't fashion-related and wouldn't quite be on-topic or everybody's cup of tea.

Lately, however, I've found a few clothes-y blogs that are different in some ways and I wanted to share them with you guys! 

1)  What's in your bag Flickr

Picture from

If you're like me and love looking at what various people carry in their purses, then one page of some celebrity's purse at the back of a magazine won't quite do it for you. 

Check out this Flickr instead, which has literally thousands of pictures of what's in people's purses (or backpacks, or totes).  I can spend hours browsing it and looking slowly through what both men and women carry - it provides a really interesting glimpse into what real people carry, not what some celebrity needs to promote at any given moment. 

I'm always particularly interested in what notebooks/stationery they pack, what they're reading, and what they've got for a snack!

2)  Quirky Explosion

Picture from

I just love Lexy's blog - it's not quite like anything I've ever seen before.  She wears the craziest things and makes them all work - none of this mild "stripes and spots" pattern mixing here!  I remember her saying in one blog post that people sometimes see bold things and say "I wish I could carry that off", to which her response was "You totally can.  Just wear it."  

I completely agree, and the wild abandon with which she enjoys clothing makes this, for me, a real joy to read.  

Picture from

If you want something servicey and interesting, Patty's blog, The Snug Bug, is a beautiful collection of tips, sewing and pictures that really makes me wish I were more handy with a needle.

Check out some of her posts like this one on how to sew a zippered pouch, and maybe you'll end up being far more threadtastic than I am.  I can't sew to save my life, but I sure enjoy looking at other people do it!

4) College Fashion 
I wish, wish, wish that I had found this blog in my undergraduate days.  This e-zine is full of really helpful tips for building a trendy wardrobe around a student budget, decorating your dorm room and many more college-related things. 

For example, here's a handy post on how to look cute and comfy on moving in day.  And here's another great one on 3 stylish ways to wear hoodie, including those ugly school logo hoodies that I dislike intensely, but that they make look great!  Especially good for students, it's also handy for anybody on a budget as all their picks are relatively afforable.

5)  Corporette

At the other end of the spectrum from College Fashion, here's a blog for those going the high flying route with their degrees.  Apart from boasting lots of great but still conservative designer picks for those who work in business or law, it has some really helpful advice.

For example, how to deal with awkward Ramadan questions if you're fasting on the job (not such a big problem in Asia, but perhaps more so in other places) or how to look great on very little sleep after a big project.

6)  Thrifty Business

Picture from

Want to know how to achieve this designer necklace look for $15?  Then head on over to Thrifty Business where Anna puts together affordable and professional looking ensembles based on more expensive designer picks.  She shares my philosophy on why buy something extortionate when you can get a much more affordable likeness?   

I hope you've enjoyed this round of picks, and I hope to find more interesting and different sites to share in the near future.  And if you've seen other sites worth sharing, go ahead and let me know in the comments!  Tattybye!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Off-duty effortless

Shriya, Anjuly and I have sleepovers at least once a month.  I don't remember how it started, just that we would hang out into the wee hours of the morning until there didn't seem to be a point going back home for bed anymore.

I was never allowed sleepovers as a child.  I seriously missed out on all the fun stuff that other girls got to do with their female friends, and in a way, I'm making up for lost time.  

We've since gotten our sleepover system down to an art.  I bring my duvet and an extra pillow, the hosting person (either Anjuly or Shriya) clears space on the bed and floor and nibbles are provided by all.  We even have a timetable of sorts - traditionally dinner, or a massive snack fest, followed by a couple of chick flicks and then gossip or discussions that go on for hours.  And always, always breakfast the next morning. 

On the face of it, it's a really frivolous, girly thing to do, but behind closed doors, things can get pretty intense and I don't mean in the way school boys always imagine.  As the moon peaks and then starts to set, we talk about our pasts, our futures, our hopes, our dreams, our fears.  We laugh a lot over juicy tidbits, but the talk can also get pretty serious.  Somehow after midnight, everyone's guard comes down and thoughts are shared, some so private and secret that we don't even mention them the next morning.

Breakfast is a different matter.  A phone alarm goes off, and I, ever filled with anxious energy, bound out of bed and get dressed first.  Shriya gets ready second while Anjuly lolls around in bed till the last possible minute, then we all troop to the nearest coffee place to giggle and chat.  At this point, I'm usually feeling a bit scuzzy and bedraggled, and shuffle for coffee in the closest thing to pajamas I can get away with.  

Not Anjuly.

Miss Thing has perfected the morning after outfit (a crisp white shirt, jeans and cute flats) that would blend in equally well at brunch with the girls, a shopping expedition or a lunch date.  I often hear lots of people talk about how models and actresses dress off-duty - a neat, simple, classic pulled together look.  But I seldom see anyone (myself included) carry it off so well in real life. 

In particular, I love the details that elevate this from a simple jeans and shirt ensemble.  The dainty gold hoops, the coordinating but not overly matchy structured bag and tortoiseshell sunnies and the subtle snakeskin print.  And I love that her belt is a contrasting colour.  Whoever said black and brown shouldn't be worn together didn't know what they were talking about.  

The next time we have a sleepover, I'm going to attempt to look equally pulled together - well, as pulled together as I can be after a night of flaming gossip.  Hah!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Heads up!

This is just a quick post to let people know, if they are interested, that there are some massive sales going on at the moment, with some good ones in particular.  The other day, Shriya, Anjuly and I were in town and happened to see 70% off signs screaming at us from the windows of Accessorize.  I love window shopping at Accessorize as much as the next girl, but everything is so ridiculously priced that I normally can't bring myself to buy anything.  And I almost never see them going on sale.

My point being that - if you happen to be near one now, or see one go on sale in future, I'd highly recommend stopping by because the drop in price makes the goods so worth it!

I normally hate flip flops.  I only own one pair here and it takes me from the kitchen, to the bathroom, to collecting my mail.  When I wear them plain, I often feel sloppy and a little too casual, but these embellished ones from Accessorize really changed my mind.  And the pair on the left?  £6.  The pair on the right?  £5!  Can't argue with that!

I love the simple bow and charm detail on the black pair - enough to jazz it up but not so fussy that I have to be worried about running around in them all day.  And I've never seen slippers with buttons - too cute!  All the embellishments are also sewn, not glued, on.

Also really worthwhile?  These anklets with the string one going at 90p (!) and the beaded one at £1.50.  I used to wear silver anklets all the time, but they occasionally rolled and pinched and chafed at my skin.  These string ones are very comfy!

I didn't actually wear them out together - this was just for the purpose of illustration, but I wore the string one out over my purple tights today and I thought it popped rather nicely!  I've never thought of wearing an anklet on anything but bare skin but thanks to 14 degree wind chill, a different style is born.


This blog, like many others, is a partitioned representation of just one aspect of my life and while I like to keep it separate from everything else that's going on, I just wanted to say that if you are in London (as I know many commenters are) or any troubled places nearby in these unbelievable times, I hope you are safe and stay safe. 

And on a more nostalgic note, if you are in my hometown, Happy Birthday!  I couldn't watch the parade this year, but I was thinking of it with all my heart.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dinner at eight

Back home, one of the things The D and I like to do is eat.  (This explains my not-quite-svelte physique.)

I mean, in Singapore, I don't think there's anyone who doesn't like to eat.  We have an unapologetic love affair with our food that most of the world greets with disbelief, and occasionally, disgust.  There are many eateries that stay open 24 hours and they're packed most of the time.  Most places don't close for the break between lunch and dinner because people keep right on going in between as well.  Going to dinner is a huge event, trumped only by the enthusiasm with which a 2am supper is greeted.  And don't even get me started on buffets.

So back home, we continually look out for good new places to try, and since The D is as sartorially um... inclined as I am, we like to get a bit fancy to do it.

When he came to visit, we made sure to hit up new places every.  Single.  Lunch and dinner.  I'm embarrassed to say that at least 50% of the schedule revolved around reservations.  Particularly exciting was the night we met up with five of my classmates/friends to try dinner at the much-hyped Jamie's Italian in the next city.

Top - Primark.  Jean leggings - New Look.  Oxfords - New Look.
Croc clutch - Secondhand vintage.  Earrings - F21.  Bracelet - Fie Japan.  
Rings - Diva.

I'd just bought this bright mustard top from Primark and I love how voluminous and relaxed the fit is.  Aki, a fellow blogger, suggested that there should be a specific category for outfits to eat in (as a Singaporean, I agree) and this definitely fits in that category.

Dhany wore something really cute.  I loved the unusual combination of the hoodie with the more formal collared shirt, but we disagreed on the cap.  I said he should go without, and well, you see how he felt.

I'll open to the floor.  What do you guys think?

PS  Though the food was hit-and-miss, the restaurant was very warm and big.  I wish I'd taken pictures of it, but true to form, I was too busy stuffing my face.
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