Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My day in pictures

I’m still trying to get used to using the new camera, but it’s been an absolute joy so far. I love the surprise of taking shots with bated breath and seeing them turn out clear and filled with the emotion of the moment.

Getting a blurry snap and missing the vital action because I haven’t learnt the craft: not so much.

I’ve also discovered that uploading photos from my office computer makes them absolute crap quality (as in the previous post), so I’m trying my best to use the computer at home. (Henceforth, please blindly and faithfully assume that any crapoid shots I may put out are results of office computer issues and not because I’m a talentless hack or anything like that ok? Thanks.)

This is my representation of the day I had yesterday, or at least what was salvageable of it.

The office party was on, and while in most companies that means either a quiet dinner and dance or a dignified buffet and drinks at the bar, in mine, it means rowdy, drunken, raucous fun complete with sado-masochism thrown in for good measure. Invariably people up drunk and groping those they wouldn’t lay a hand on in broad daylight.

Right? I don’t know how we get any work done either.

Chip played so fervently in the morning that he didn’t even realise he’d rolled an ear backwards. Hah!

Mavis in class in the morning. She looks like she has a halo. I told her if she wasn’t getting married, I’d use this on her online dating profile.

Loved Kim’s wicked Pedder Red shoes, all denim and studs.

Funky Tangs display at Vivocity – they strung a whole collection of Bonia bags on hooks and had them bounced up and down amid a colourful tropical background. Eye-catching, if nothing else.

Dhany, drinking his pre-gig mocha, no whipped cream, hot.

He took this picture of me, which he said holds an undercurrent of cheekiness. I think it’s more like I'm sneering because I’m squinting into the sun and trying to keep my eyes open after only a few hours of sleep the night before.

Kids playing on the roof of Vivocity. The little brunette one, was, I think, from some Eastern European country and glared at us disapprovingly when we set our coffee down on the yellow statue to take our pictures. “NO. No put. I play there sometimes,” he said in a heavy vampire accent.

Well excuse me, Vlad, I wasn’t aware that you had a monopoly on fun. Gotta admit he was pretty cute though.

The party was at Movida – practising my low light settings. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have to take several low light shots before I can get a perfect one which isn’t blurry. I know back when film cameras were used, it just wasn’t possible to be so generous with the shots, and everything still came out looking great.

It brings to mind what my father says about a lack of talent nowadays – you can take a hundred photos and there’ll be one great one in there somewhere. The better photographers are able to get what they want much more concisely. I know nuts about taking photos, so I don’t know if this is true, but I feel like a lot of what I’m getting is due more to luck than to any awareness or talent.

One of the couples taking part in the talent competition. They were rehearsing their number and I practised my low light settings on them. Unfortunately, I got a bunch of office guys standing in the background, planning for their striptease number. Don’t ask.

Dhany played Such Great Heights on his ukulele and sang for the talent portion of the party. Maybe I’m biased, but I think the performance was pretty awesome.

The office band, practising outside to sing Something, by The Beatles. I do love me some musicians.

Aight, kids. No more incessant yakking about Bobby McGee and my crappy experiments. I promise.

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