Monday, April 12, 2010

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Wrap dress - Arthur Yen. Bag - Longchamp.
Socks - I think they're my father's haha!
Shoes - Image Turn. Snake ring - Diva. Bird necklace - Melbourne flea market.

Ugh, the weather is unbelievably, disgustingly muggy nowadays. Even in my cool linen dress, I was feeling uncomfortable and sticky by 7pm.

I love this tiny bird necklace, it’s one of my favourite pieces of jewellery and only cost me $6 at the Melbourne flea market.

Last night, in search of air-conditioning, we decided to check out Resorts World (having never been there before). Um... if you’re looking for air-conditioning, Resorts World is not the place. Half the area is in open air but with a high roof, making it slightly sweltering.

Also, not the prettiest place in the world. I’m not really sure what kind of theme or decor they were going for, but I would guess: tacky.

To be fair, parts of it were really kind of pretty, before they gave way to a visual shit storm.

Case in point: this beautiful and somewhat haunting installation on the two long escalators. White CGI doves fluttered over our heads on big arches of azure light and everything glowed a mysterious blue to some truly soothing rainforest type muzak. It was like being transported.

And then, shortly after, we encountered this:

I can think of at least one set of golden arches that look way more welcoming.

The D's awesome shoes - real leather/suede and only S$30 from Chatuchak in Bangkok!

Also pretty, this beautiful ceiling at the Festive Hotel, which made me feel like I was in a fairytale. Now, why couldn’t the whole place look like that?

Not bad: the “lake of dreams”. I mean, someone was clearly excited by it. Dhany’s shirt is from a very cool brand called Modern Amusement; it has a tiny navy crow embroidered on the left back shoulder, and occasionally, the shirts have tiny coloured spots embroidered on the corners as well.

Colour me excited! An ATM Hall with TWO WHOLE ATMs in it!

The Hershey’s shop was quite interesting apart from the fact that Hershey’s is disgusting mockolate made of milk, sugar and chemical Brown that I wouldn’t wish on prisoners at Alcatraz.

Dhany got really excited and waved for joy behind the window glass.

The only chocolate in the store truly worth wasting my calories on.

Giant jugs of chemical Brown. Mmm, tasty.

I love that they have a chocolate called Mounds that actually made it past our stringent Agri and Vet Authority. I understand that there was a British chocolate called a Whisper bar some years ago that never reached our shores because of an unfortunate association with a less savoury, but more absorbent product by the same name.

But hey! Have some of my big, creamy mounds!

Oh and finally, better go catch Felinda, guys. I would pay money to see her and Foyce meet.


priii said...


mariemo said...

Damn sexy legs!! ;)

Shoe said...

Priii - Hahahah thanks!! I gotta tell you though, the dress doesn't actually fit properly, so I have to tie it every which way to make it just sit still :$

Marie - AHHH!! Thanks!! How are you?? I just saw your blog and you had only two posts on it! You must have had too much fun in Singapore!

Anonymous said...

DaaaYUM guuurl. Why you hiding those legs in pants all the time? No wonder Dhany hangs around you!

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