Friday, April 2, 2010

Not trivial

It’s been a lovely week, though slightly gruelling.

Dhany and I made it to Imogen Heap’s concert (having found out only a day before the fact) and it was rather delightful. Apart from the great music, it was the most whimsical concert I’ve ever been to, not least because Heap felt the need to twirl madly each time she need to cross the stage instead of walking in straight lines.

A white tree cut-out strung with coloured lights dominated the centre of the stage. A frame in the shape of a grand piano sat on the left and little bells and metal spirals that were played throughout the night hung from the tree.

And pretty images of stripes or flying birds were projected on the tree during songs to slightly heart-fluttering effect. Tim Exile and Ted and Ted played as part of her band and also opened with quirky, if slightly cheesy performances.

Add a sprinkling of magic, a heaping teaspoon of funny banter, rinse, lather and repeat! It helped that the audience really got into it.

Burnout tee: Zara. Denim leggings: New Look. Lace Blazer: Supre. Hot pink espadrilles: Random shop in Spain. Ring: Parc Guell. Bracelet: Arialis. Earrings: Bangkok.

I managed to get a crappy self-shot of my outfit that day – I love the lace blazer and how it immediately changes the tone of a slightly grungy-looking ensemble.

The D got me these amazing chandelier earrings from Bangkok. I’ve never seen anything like them anywhere else.

Unfortunately, THAT blazer plus THESE earrings: not such a good idea. They snagged three times that night and I ended up having a bit of loose thread trailing from one shoulder like Michael Jackson.

I’d taken a really nice photo of Dhany studying this art exhibit but he prefers I use this one with his lips thoughtfully (cartoonishly) pursed. Hmm.

I’ve forgotten to ask, so I don’t know where everything’s from, but he’s wearing a Know It Nothing black t-shirt with a yellow hoodie over it, cuffed jeans and black Vans, I do believe.

Also, in unrelated news, we ate fish at Double Bay for dinner (because I'm sure you were wondering what the cutlery was all about).

On Tuesday, we headed to Brewerkz at Clarke Quay for Tuesday Trivia Nights with Cecil, Luke, Matthew and Matthew’s wife, Deon (Dionne?? Deonne??).

Shirt: Timberland

It was absolutely fascinating, especially because I love trivia. How it works is that you have teams and everyone pays a participation fee, which the winning team collects as their prize.

Roomfuls of intellectual competitors, studying each other.

Apparently Matthew and Dionne have been going for ages and have never come in below the top three before. Well guess what happened when we were added to the mix?

I mean, fourth place is nothing to sniff at, but really, who knows anything about women in sports?

It was loads of fun though, eating pub snacks and coming up with the most wacky answers to questions. My personal favourite was when we had to guess the song and singer of the lyrics: “On a warm summer’s night/ On a train to nowhere.”

Well honestly, loads of songs are written about summer and trains so we had no idea what it could be though everyone swore they’d heard it before.

Everyone gathered round and puzzled it out, hard.

Then I just had to open my big mouth and say, “Hey well, if you’re on a train to nowhere, you must be in an amusement park of some kind.” (Remembering the time when Beck, Sera and I went on a trip to Gold Coast and rode amusement park trains thusly.)

“Hey!” Matthew snapped his fingers. “You could be right! It may be Tunnel of Love, by Dire Straits.”

I don’t need to tell you it wasn’t.

It’s The Gambler, by Kenny Rogers, though who really cares about a guy who writes strange misogynistic love songs with lyrics like “She makes me feel so big and strong and mean/ She tells me that she cannot wait to be my baby’s mother”.

Um yeah, I’LL wait, thanks.

And finally, a joke from Dhany, when he told me Japan was rolling out electric cars:

“You know, everyone’s really getting more environmental conscious. In Singapore they’re even getting buses to run on herbs.”

Me: “Really! How did you know?”

The D: “Well, Raymond Lim said the other buses should always run on thyme.”


Goodnight ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be here all week.

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priii said...

you know, it really doesn't look as though he's flexing in that pic where he's holding your earrings. hrmm

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