Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Completely dotty

It seems the news that polka dots are back in fashion (true story) has spread like wildfire!  Not two but three people came in polka dot dresses the other day, all very pretty and funkily worn.  (Yes, damn you, blogger, funkily is a word)

Kim was shocked to find out she obviously had a telepathic connection with Mel.

Dawn also looked gorgeous in her version of the frock.

Black shirt - Target.  Green cropped pants - Uniqlo.
Eternity scarf - Present.  Earrings - Toa Payoh Central. 
Oxfords - New Look.  Weed ring - Present from Aunt.

Photos by Jamie
Naturally I missed the memo and showed up in green pants and my weed ring instead - weed because my lovely and well-meaning aunt bought it for me thinking it was a sweet little mapleleaf.  We had to show her the Canadian flag before she connected the dots.

Also, I've realised I don't own a polka dotted dress.  I only have a breezily cut, spotted blouse of sorts which seems to lead people to think that I'm pregnant every time I wear it, viz: "Are you expecting?"

Yes, I am expecting... you to be polite, moron.  How is it that people today haven't realised that the modus operandi is to only discuss a woman's pregnancy when she's volunteered the information to you?  And why is it that every halfwit with decent eyesight is ready to pounce on any healthy-looking girl and declare her foetally bestowed?

Like that time The D and I ran into an acquaintance who promptly gasped when he saw my empire cut dress and asked if I was having a baby.  When I calmly told him no and reiterated that you generally only ask these things when you're 100 per cent sure, he parried by patting Dhany on the shoulder and saying: "Try harder next time."

Um.  No.  No, thank you.

Except for when I'm desperate to interview people on the street and so stick out my stomach and balance my notebook on it while panting and holding my back so that people take pity on me and offer the seat next to them while gently cooing that I must rest and answering my questions.

Clearly, I cannot join the completely dotty in the style stakes, but have well and truly made up for it otherwise.

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