Friday, May 28, 2010


I am sick as a dog.  (Why do people use that metaphor anyway?  It's not like dogs get very obviously sick - the last time Chip had kennel cough, he skipped around the house delightedly while occasionally sitting down, looking puzzled and saying "HakHak."  Just like that: "HakHak."  And I'd like to keep it that way thankyouverymuch.)

But really, I feel rather sick.  I can't sleep at night because I keep waking up and coughing violently and phlegmilly and my chest feels very tight, but whatever right, life goes on.

Also, because I have to work from home.  (I know that sentence doesn't even grammatically make sense, but I'm on some kind of medicine which makes my heart race, so just assume that I am incoherently and speedily babbling because of it.)

I got to wear this casual outfit on Monday because I was on a course and it was all very comfortable and soft and grey (the outfit, not the course, which was blisteringly interesting).

I love this bag deeply, it's from a brand called Paul's Boutique which makes the most awesome neon-coloured bags ever, perfectly kitschy and slightly tacky just like Juicy Couture, but not at Juicy Couture prices and without Juicy's obnoxious branding.  And they all come with the cutest charms.


Shirt - Zara.  Acid-wash jeggings - New Look.
Black flats - Mimosa.  Scarf - India.  Bag - Paul's Boutique (off Asos)
Rocking horse earrings - Melbourne Flea Market.  Bracelets - New Look.
Photos by Dhany

Here is the point where I stop blogging to work on whatever is due this weekend in my drug-addled haze.  How very edgy and rock n roll. 

No doubt this weekend's paper will be the trippiest.  Edition.  Ever. 

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