Friday, May 14, 2010

Like, totally satisfied

While Regina, Ying Yi and I were out the other night, we sat around talking about how work and responsibility can sometimes bring one down and make one forget how cool life can be.

"It's simple really," Regina said, as we flounced into the ladies together.  "Every day we should think of three things to be grateful for."

"Three?!"  I whined like some self-absorbed Gen-Y brat worthy of a tight smack.  "That's impossible."

"Are you kidding?  It's really easy," Ying Yi glared at me as I squeezed into a cubicle.

She's right, and I was only saying it to be difficult.  So:

1)  I'm grateful that I got to meet Becky just days back because she swept into and out of Singapore on a whirlwind tour.  It's not often that we meet, but it never fails to be warm, peaceful and wholly redeeming.  So even though I'm not going to see her all THAT soon, I'm glad I did get two nice days with one of my best friends.

2)  I'm grateful that my grandmother, while terminally ill, is doing really well right this minute.  Every day she lives to enjoy the sunrise is another day she can do all the little things she couldn't do before she fell ill and was still looking after the family.

Plaid blouse - New Look.  Denim shorts - Tangs.  
Faux pearl earrings - Topshop.  Loafers - Timberland.  Bag - Louis Vuitton.

3)  I'm grateful that there are cool chequered shirts out there that are made of other materials than heavy flannel because this country is much more amiable to cotton.

What?  One out of three being shallow isn't bad!

PS  The Epi Leather Alma bag, built like a tank, is my most prized possession and the only truly expensive thing that I own.  I hardly use it because I'm SO scared I'm going to ruin it and the first night it came, I slept next to it and woke up periodically to touch it.  Lame I know, but I am just that much of a bag freak.  If my house were burning down I would grab this.

And The Beatles: Anthology.

And Chip, obviously.  But I was getting there. 


Anonymous said...

You have been windswept! Gemini is an air sign after all. I can only do whirlwinds and cool breezes. ;P

Shoe said...

Hahaha while I, on the other hand, am full of hot air!!!

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