Friday, June 4, 2010


The other day, spurred on by the need for a little lunchtime shopping, Jamie, Melody and I went to Serangoon Gardens to check out a couple of shops.  Serangoon Gardens didn't used to be known for quirky indie-type shopping, but Jamie showed us little alleys of stairs hidden along what used to be shophouses and we traipsed into some very Haji Lane-esque spaces. 

We stopped by a cute little boutique called Epitome which was dressed in prettily but not in an over-feminine way.

They also sold a nice mix of mainstream and quirky merchandise, which included clothes from Aussie labels Mink Pink and Bird and cute shoes from the brand Foxtrot which Melody promptly slipped on.

My favourite pieces were these ones, from a brand called Harvey which supposedly collaborates with Mercedes-Benz and BMW - gorgeous clutches and pouches made of freakin' seatbelts.  They were SO heavy, but at least you know they're not going to fall apart under duress.  I need me a seatbelt clutch stat!

And I found a ring I'd been looking for for a long time, one of those ones which doesn't close on itself in the typical way.

It was from this brand called Revelation (website here) which sold other kinds of rings and earrings with cutesy girl faces on them.  The ring was $38 which is pricey, but I had been looking for one for a long time, so I allowed myself a concession. 

The lady behind the counter took down our particulars and shoe size - apparently every month or so, they have a lucky draw and one of the shoppers wins a pair of Foxtrot shoes!  (Melody is hoping for these cute short tan and cream stilettos)

My only beef with Epitome was that the stuff there was kind of expensive for me.

While they had cute little plastic earrings made of vintage buttons for $5, the shoes were about $90 per pair and I think some of the clutches went above $100.  I'm more a $40-shoe kinda girl, but for a cute, special treat, I wouldn't mind making an occasional exception.

Shirt - Topman.  Navy pants - Zara.
Black tote - Coach.  Bondage shoes - Im@ge Turn ($30 only!)
 Necklace - This Fashion (believe it or not). Leather bracelet - Spain.
Ability to walk sideways up walls - Camera trick (believe it or not)

Jamie made me stand next to the shop's postbox because she claimed that we matched (I don't know in what universe because clearly, black and white are the same colour) and Melody laughed at us before we trooped off to get chiffon cake and frozen yoghurt for dessert.

We don't usually make such big lunchtime detours, but this week has been a crapfest on shit lake, so it was a much welcomed break.  Tally-ho girls, Haji Lane next!

Epitome is at 14c Kensington Park Road, Serangoon Gardens.  Also check out their super cute website here.


melo said...

i love haji lane ;) popped by over the weekend, got me two dresses.

see you shu!

Shoe said...

Really!!! The clothes there are totally cute. We should all go shopping together. Which shops did you buy from?

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