Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poiple, people!

Dhany and I were playing around in the garden when he came over the other day.  I was wearing a flowy new pair of shorts I'd recently bought, to which he said: "Can you stand in a way that actually shows people they're shorts?"

Shirt - H&M.  Purple shorts - Topshop.
Shoes - Herman Monster.  Bow necklace - Far East Plaza

 Leading to this ridiculous pose.

 Cap - Coal.  Shirt - Obey.  Shorts - Altamont.
Slippers - Teva.  Rap 'tude - father's side of the family, we think.

He was also wearing relaxed clothes.  We ended up just chilling around the house and practising for a gig that we've got coming up. 

This week's pick is a blog I've been reading forever and ever!  It's not exactly a fashion blog, more like a mish mash of anything and everything that the author, Karen Cheng, wants to write about.  She's a mother of three young kids, which means the blog could be a little precious, but it's thankfully not, saved by her laidback attitude and her varied interests. 

She talks about fashion and food and family and little adventures around Australia, and her blog is clean and pretty, a wonderful palate-cleanser, if you will.  

Screengrab from http://www.karencheng.com.au/

What really made me want to put it up though, was this post in which Karen talks about this really really fancy and expensive restaurant she went to with her husband, where they saw a life-size statue of a horse, with a lamp on its head, supposed to be some kind of modern, artistic statement.  She talks about how she could look up the horse's arse because of the position it's tail was in, which is funny in itself, but here's what takes the cake.

I went to view a condominium showflat on one of the jobs I was on and they had the exact.  Same.  Horse! 

And it really is life-sized.  Alph stood next to it as proof. 

And it totally cracked me up!

I guess bad taste is universal, no matter where you are.


berf said...

This is totally bizarre! And wah, all your colleagues are getting featured on you blog!

Shoe said...

I know right! I thought of emailing Karen Cheng with my pictures just for fun to say that I think it's a weird coincidence.

berf said...


chaoticgood said...

Three words...FWAH HA HA!

Shoe said...

Hahahah Beck I hope you're laughing at the horse and not me!

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