Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Violet Sky

The Mika concert is the most surreal concert I've ever been to, but also one of the most fun.

I fell in love with Mika the very first time I saw him on MTV singing Grace Kelly.  Open-mouthed, I watched the video with all the people dancing with light bulbs and in red rompers and the little girl sitting on the piano, and I felt the same feeling I had when I first watched Britney Spears creep over me.  That feeling of seeing something different, something fresh and new for that time.

I think his secret is that he's built an empire on writing wicked lyrics but with music so catchy and "stickable" that people don't notice.  I mean, everyone from old couples to young kids, was there, skipping delightedly away to "Billy Brown fell in love with another man" like it was 1999. 

Pre-pubescent girls were shrieking so much they gave Dhany tinnitus and I saw a couple of gay guys screaming and fanning themselves.  The graphics and cartoons on the big screen behind him were quirky and fit the songs perfectly.

On top of that, with his cheekbones, smile and slightly awkward movements, Mika looked like a younger, more tousled Rufus Wainwright - as Dhany said, more attractive in real life than on film.  The whole thing was like a Lewis Carroll tea party, frenetic and with lots of campy drama, just my speed!  I had SO MUCH fun and judging from the way the crowd called the band back for two encores, they weren't having too sloppy a time either.

Mika leapt out of the floor in the beginning to a giant canvas screen on which there were clips of him running through a forest.  And of course, with confetti.  Dhany said if he had burst out of the canvas screen, it would've made his day.

But then they wouldn't have been able to do things like this:

Let's all take a moment, shall we, ladies?

He played only a few songs at the piano, one of which was Over My Shoulder, which he apparently wrote when he was fifteen.  Okay then.  Let me just go home and burn my piano now.

He did a few dorky dances...

... and changed costumes a couple times.  This cape was lined on the inside with fake carpet grass which we all enjoyed a vision of when he opened it and twirled around like a fey Darkwing Duck.

They made claymation face which actually lip-synched to the whole of one song while flowers grew out of its cheeks.

He sang Billy Brown with an approximation of the rainbow flag and then stood underneath a giant, hot pink banner screaming "BILLY".  (When he changed into the sailor hat, I swear I saw a few gay men wet themselves).

And THEN, he got Singaporeans (presumably recruited earlier) to tromp across the stage like in Horrortorio in neon colours under UV light.  (Oh Horrortorio, the bastion of my nerdy growing up years!)

The final part of the show was a psychadelic extravaganza with a crazy wall of flowers.  The band wore vines and flowers all over themselves and the Singaporeans came out to play.  Crazy, in a wonderful way and I have to say, I had a blast.

I took my new paper bag shorts out for the romp - gotta love how the waist crinkles just like a brown paper bag!  ("Look crazy," said Dhany.)


Black tank top: Uniqlo.  Linen shorts - Asos.  Patent wedges - Northstar.
Bag - Cineleisure basement.  Lion King necklace - Vintage present from Disneyland.  Must be 
at least ten years old!  Crystal apple ring - Present from The D!

And Dhany walked his navy pants.

Black shirt - Sifr.  Navy Pants - Commune.
Sneakers - PF Flyers.

Last but not least, a reminder for the ladies:



Anonymous said...

Great photos...good review of the show

Shoe said...

Thank you! Were you there??

Anonymous said...

awesome photos, and great review!! I hope you don't mind if i take a couple of photos, I was one of the dancers on stage ;D

Anonymous said...

sorry for double posting but i forgot to ask if you have any more photos of us dancers on stage? do you mind sending them to me? :D my email is:

Natalie [skyenat] said...

Heya, I was one of the lollipop girls too, along with la-guinevere (:
Could I get the HQ photos from you too? I'll assure credit if I need to use them online, but mostly just wanna keep photos for memories


Shoe said...

Hey la-guinevere and Natalie, thanks for commenting! SO cool that you guys were the dancers... hahaha I was very excited when I saw that they looked local and was wondering how you guys got the gig??

So I looked in my camera and only have a couple more photos with the dancers, but I'll send them over to you guys once I've uploaded them.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I must say you do the crazy look very well, bou :)

Anonymous said...

We queued rather early and we're members of :D
thank you so much in advance!!

Shoe said...

Thanks Dianah! I practise it daily and I learnt it from you!

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