Saturday, July 24, 2010


Earlier this week Mavis, Jamie and I had a little reprieve from the heat with ice cream at Udders in the East.  I love the Udders there because it's bright and airy, and even though it's one crowded mother at night, it was nice and quiet on Monday afternoon.

I also loved what Mavis was wearing that day, so I thought I'd share it.

This is one of those outfits that's cute, easy, and requires no thought at all.  A crisp linen shirt is always nice with navy shorts, a leather belt and plimsolls.  Add white bag and sunglasses for instant "East Side" weekend cool (East side of Singapore anyway, obviously.  If you've ever lived there, you'll know every day feels like a weekend in the East.)

Mavis made sure to show off her butt-ugly Chan Brothers tote, just in case you thought she was perfect or something.

Over at Udders, she expressed contempt for Jamie's INTENSE posing.

And then, our attention turned to doodling.

Dhany doodled aimlessly on my goosebumpy arm.  Clearly, the person playing the X-es is a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

Jamie and Mavis doodled kitchen plans for Mavis' new house.

And we all doodled our feelings about Jamie.

If you like Udders and you live the the East, and you did not know of its existence, Udders Siglap is just a couple of shops down from Mas Ayu, right next to Paw Frens, the pet shop with the infernally adorable family of Border Collies.  (I feel a bit worried about sharing this because the place is already uber popular and I like my crowds sparse, thanks.)

If you live in the East and you do not know what Mas Ayu, that delightful source of Nasi Pattaya and tasty dinner dishes, is, then you do not deserve to find Udders and I cannot help you.  (Haha I'm kidding.  No, actually, I'm serious.  HOW can you live in Siglap and not know what Mas Ayu is?? A pox on your houses!)

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