Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The terror that flaps in the night

I had the good fortune to receive quite a lovely present from my mother the other day.

At least, I think it was a present because I can never really be sure if things my mother gives me are cast-offs that she bought enthusiastically only to come home and find out that they didn't fit or she didn't actually like the design.

I sometimes come home to find the strangest, most ill-fitting pieces on my bed and my onspring (if you are an offspring you must have sprung from an onspring, no?) trying to make a very convincing case of how she picked them out specially for me.  My mom is charitable that way.

ANYROAD.  When my mother traipsed home and told me she'd picked out a bat wing cardigan for me, I believed her.  And I continue to believe her to this day because it fits like a dream.

Batwing cardigan - "Present" from mother.
Maxi dress - Isetan.  Sandals - Clementi Central.  Earrings - Accessorise.  
Bracelets - Fie Japan, Diva.  Cotton tote - Free gift, Tangs.

I love its mushroomy-gray colour, I love how the sleeves are baggy and wingy but come together at the cuffs and I love how prettily it falls even when its open. 

Photos by Dhany

PS  I bought the rabbit bracelet at the coolest accessories shop in Ion Orchard called Fie Japan.  I'm probably a little late to the game because I notice it has other outlets already, but if you haven't checked the shop (at Basement 3) out, it's worth a look. 

The jewellery, particularly the earrings, are beautiful with the finest wire and the smallest, most delicate beads I have ever seen.  It's expensive, about $30 - $50 for a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a necklace, but if you're looking for something different and pretty, give yourself a treat.


berf said...

i see retno in the background!! hi!

beckles said...

That dress is amazing on you!

Still not convinced of the awesomeness of the bat-wing cardigan though.

Shoe said...

Hi BERF! No that's not Retno, dude. I'm in Dhany's house! TSK you don't even remember what my house looks like?! THINGS HAVE CHANGED.

Shoe said...

YO BECK. I promise you the batwings are awesome. Seriously. I will even wear them with my mustard yellow bag, just for you :)

berf said...

Oops, i hope that's not dhany's mum. I'm sorry! It looks like your house ok!

Shoe said...

Hahahah Berf you're lucky that's not Dhany's mum. It's the new cleaning lady.

But our houses look nothing alike, my living room and kitchen don't even connect that way OK. I'm very hurt. I think you need to visit the East sometime soon for a refresher.

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