Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dhany speaks! (not really)

"Attention, class.  Hello, yo! 

"I am Dhany, with an H.  And just in case you weren't listening when I introduced myself like MOST people I meet, that's pronounced "Dah-Nee" and not the way that is the short form for Daniel because if my mother wanted to name me Danny, she would have named me Danny, capisce?

"Anyhow, today, we've come to mandigan lesson number two - The Stripey Mandigan: Warrior or Waif? 

Cardigan - Wesc.  Jeans - Cheap Monday.  Grey polo tee - Asos.
Shoes - Emerica.  Bag - Fossil.

"Well, I rather do think it could be both (I'm also aware that I never actually type in a faux English accent like that, only Shuli does, which makes this voice is less than authentic, but we all have to make do with our lot in life, so suck it up.).

"In this case, for example, I've set the slightly more slouchy cardigan off with a pair of baggier jeans instead of skinnies which might look a little too metrosexual.

"I've also set the unstructured cardigan off with a more structured collared shirt underneath rather than a crew neck.

 "Add a cute satchel...

"... A friendly smile...

"... and spiffy, no?"

PS  Dhany has said that he is going to miss being on this blog (as he will be mostly absent while I am away, I am afraid).  He added, in his most philosophical voice: "After all, if a really fashionable tree falls in a forest and no one witnesses it, is it really fashionable?"

Hahahah... I don't know, you tell me!  But I'm going to miss him being on this blog too, I've always enjoyed his outfit choices and think some of them daring but brilliant.  I hope you've all enjoyed them as well!

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