Thursday, September 16, 2010

Soapsuds and Doodles: The Buffet Edition

I'd no sooner written in an earlier post about my tea obsession when a couple of my friends decided to get together for high tea at Goodwood Park Hotel, which I was delighted about and I decided to do a post about what I wore to tea because, if you're not from Singapore, let me tell you, buffets in Singapore are serious business.

None of that dainty picking and choosing of morsels and lengthy conversations over half eaten plates.  We like to eat our money's worth and the conversation can come after, thank you very much.

Overdone, this attitude can be ugly and lead to a ton of food wastage but at normal intensity, it's usually a very satisfying experience.

My own mother, when I was little, taught me how to strategically fit bits and pieces on my plate and how to stop briefly after the first couple of courses to allow your stomach muscles to relax so you can eat more.  I mean, this is a woman who once got a dress tailored with an extra panel over the stomach so she could go nuts at a wedding. 

It sounds ridiculous, but I think this is a rite of passage for every little Singaporean child.  Hah!  Hah!  Hah!

My main concern this time though, was what to wear.  If I could, I would wear my friggin' pyjamas so that I could be comfortable and stuff my face at the same time.

Unfortunately, with high tea, you have to look nice while stuffing the pie hole, and yet be comfortable.

The most fatal mistake one could make to a buffet is wearing clothes that are too tight.  Pencil skirts, body con, skinny jeans, all out.  Also, that means nothing with an excessive quantity of lycra or spandex in it.  I know this goes against everything your mother told you, but do you really want to be sucking in the bits you're simultaneously expanding?

Another common mistake people make is wearing separates that don't adequately conceal the stomach, which is bound to distend after a violent session of gorging.  (All mistakes I've made before, so I'm speaking from experience!)

So this time round, I went with this look:

Argyle shirt - F21.  Linen blazer - Topshop.
Leggings - Cotton On.  Shoes - Herman Monster.  Bag - Free gift, Tangs.
Earrings - Cineleisure.  Necklace - Far East Plaza.

A loose top and cotton leggings with a less than tight waistband and finally, a blazer that hangs loosely just in case I feel fat at the end of the meal.  I thought the red shoes made the outfit a lot more fun and formal though, without constricting my body.  (I was yakking to Hoon Ye at the side.)

Can I add an aside to say that these earrings, which are light and which I think are gorgeous were NINETY CENTS?  There's a shop in Cineleisure, I believe on the second floor, which stocks walls of such cheap earrings.  Some of them are a little bit tacky, but there are cute designs too - I got these in black and turqoise.

Shirt - Mishka. Pants - Cheap Monday. Shoes - Puma. Bag - Fossil

Dhany also went for cute and comfortable.  I fail because even though he told me, I cannot remember where any of the clothes are from.  Consequently, I will add the origins above when I have found out.   I have since added in the origins with input from the man himself!

He's showing off the Fossil leather bag I recently got him as a going away present (I'm going away, not he) and I love it!  If you're into slouchy leather bags but the regular Tocco Toscano, Jane Shilton or Braun Buffel in your department store doesn't do it for you, check out Fossil.  They have some gorgeous leather goods like this, buttery and brown.

We ate our fill and hung out with my friends Glenn and Hoonye, always a joy to chill with, and a special shout out to Hoonye who is getting married in a couple months!

G and H and I went on an exchange programme to the States for five months where we wreaked havoc and had some amazing times.  (This picture, Dhany claims, is supposed to be like we're on a rocking boat.  Um.)

Hello, Mr Scone with clotted cream!

Hello, Mr Coffee Eclair with flowers on top!

And then afterwards, we horsed around at the retro poolside just outside the cafe.  Doesn't it look like something out of Growing Up with the colonial windows all around?

Note Hoon Ye's attire, also majorly buffet worthy!  Good choice, Kiathy!

Mmhmm.  So.  Much.  Fun.

So, what do you guys wear to buffets??


Anonymous said...

usually a dress which isn't too fitting, so as to hide my bulging tummy.. a smallish bag that i can sling across my body so i dont hv to worry about leaving it behind while taking my food.. and prob some ballet flats cos i dont wanna balance my food and do so much walking in between the tables in heels
oh, and some light jewelry but not on my hands.
- t

Anonymous said...

kate really likes those shoes...

Shoe said...

Hi T, that sounds like the perfect outfit man... I especially like the smallish sling bag part, clearly, you've also been taught the art of the buffet!

Shoe said...

Kate is cooler than those shoes. But if you WANT to find something similar, they're brand called Herman Monster, available near Peninsula Plaza!

Anonymous said...

real fruit! :'(
I'm so tired of the fake crap that passes for fruit over here, it all tastes the same.

-your favorite saudi friend.

Shoe said...

Aww my favourite (and only) Saudi friend... if you would only come to VISIT us, you would have access to the fruit of your dreams!! Hahahaha... Are you coming for the wedding?

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