Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A snow-drop spider, a flower like froth

Snuggly coat - Zara.  Jeans - New Look.  Bag - Longchamp.
Blouse - Dorothy Perkins.  Shoes - Dorothy Perkins.  Belt - Primark.
Earrings and Necklace - Camden Lock.

Estimated Temperature - 12 degrees.

I found a beautiful little wooded area near the backside of my dorm the other day, complete with a pond, a bridge and weeping willows.  Time seemed to stand still but for the ducks that made arrow-shaped trails in the water as they paddled quietly.  The best part was a large border collie bounding suddenly into the clearing from out of nowhere and lunging playfully at me; I felt like I was in a fairy-tale.

Thought I would use it to showcase a couple of the accessories I got at Camden Lock, since I did say I was going to put them up.

I just about died when I saw the octopus necklace.  I had been looking for something octopus related for the longest time, but wasn't sure what it would be until I saw this.  He just looks so evil and Pirates of the Carribean-ish, don't you think?  (Although the most evil thing about that movie is Jack Sparrow... yum!  I would walk any plank for him!)

One of the hanging versions of the octopus pendant in the stall also had dangles hanging from its arms in rows of the craziest beads you ever saw.  I loved it, and my mother said when I got tired of wearing the octopus alone, she would dress it up for me in similar fashion, which thrills me no end.

The button earrings were only five pounds and I thought they would look great with loads of stuff.

I got my long-sleeved blouse at Dorothy Perkins for something like eight pounds.  I've quickly learned to go browsing through the summer racks because no one wants flimsy looking things in pastel colours when the sky is broiling grey.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I had fun taking them what with the dogs and ducks and squirrels, oh my!

Here's a last look at the other critter in the fray!

And yes, that is my slanket you see before you!  My mother flew it over when she came to visit me as I had no space in my suitcase.  I know, I am spoiled. 

Scriffles the slanket stealer must be missing it very much, but I hope it isn't too mean of me to say that in my heart, I hope he is missing me more.


BarelyVogue said...

such a cute pendent

Shoe said...

Thank you Sahi... love your blog too!!

thefacelessblog said...

love your necklace! gorgeous!!

feel free to follow me on bloglovin and google friends if u wish!

thanku for commenting on my blog!

keep in touch, http://www.thefacelessblog.com. xx

candy apples said...

On your profile it says you're from Singapore... Are you? I was actually there for an exchange program last year!!!

I love your earrings♥


berf said...

I love the woods!!!!! But I demand to know who has been taking your pictures!

arnique said...

Those are lovely pieces of jewellery. I particularly like the octopus, in memory of Paul the World Cup Psychic. I never heard of a slanket but I can see why you love it. I also LOVE season end sales. I save up all my money for those.

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

Shoe said...

Thanks Faceless! I'll go and look you up on Bloglovin'!

Candy Apples, yes I am from Singapore! Hahaha except now I'm in the UK. I can't believe you went on exchange there! Where did you go?

Shoe said...

Thanks Arianne! Oh my goodness, I was so stunned when I heard Paul had died. Oh and if you get cold easily, you should totally get a slanket... it's a blanket with sleeves so you can read or talk on the phone and your body and your arms stay warm :)

Berf!!! Who do you THINK takes my photos?! ME, obviously! In this post I was balancing my camera on a railing and running back and forth!

berf said...

Wah you've got so many people reading your blog now! Tell me your readership privately k...and about the photo taking thing! That's hilarious, I can just imagine you running back and forth and then posing! Now you know how important I am right!!

Shoe said...

Wahahaha actually readership is still normal :P

And the photo-taking... ohhhh I could write you a whole email on that!!

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