Sunday, December 19, 2010


Like a crazed person (my writing tutor says starting stories with a "Like" is not sufficiently gripping, but I know I had you at hello), I've been thinking about colour-blocking constantly over the last few days. 

I decided to experiment with a drapey, black dress-top sort of piece I brought from Singapore and then colour block around the whole black outfit to make something fun and not a little childlike.

Top - Far East Plaza.  Tights - Cotton On.  Scarf - Cotton On.
Wellies - United Colours of Benetton.  Earrings - Made by my mother.
Purple shirt - Primark.

Estimated temperature - 3 degrees.

I had a lot of fun dressed like this!  It's not exactly sophisticated, but the fun colours in big blocks reminded me of lego although I know that lego comes in neither teal or purple.  

Speaking of which, does anyone else wonder why lego is so damn pointy?  

Let's all close our eyes and cast our minds back to a time when we used to leave our lego blocks lying around in the carpet like little snipers and then used to accidentally step on them.   

I never saw my father so close to swearing until it happened to him one fine Sunday afternoon.

Ahhh.  The sweet, sweet stab of childhood.


Jenni Wells said...

I remember stepping on legos- it hurt so bad!!

I love love love all of the colors. During the cold season I like to brighten it up- i think it helps keep me cheery.

Kaleido Mind said...

i love how saturated all the colors are!!

Shoe said...

@ Jenni - Hahaha yeah it really cuts you up doesn't it? Thanks! I love bright colours when it's cold too, what's the point of all that black?

@ Kaleido Mind - Thank you for stopping by :D

beckles said...

Lego inspired fashion? um...

Scraping the bottom of the barrel, no?

Shoe said...

Why not?? I love dressing like a kid sometimes and these aren't literal, clashing lego colours, so I don't care! :P

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