Saturday, February 19, 2011

6, 7 and 8

Skirt as dress - Next.  Shoes - Debenhams.
Top - Dorothy Perkins.  Tights - H and M.
Belt - Primark.  Bracelets, worn as necklace - Made by Mother.

Outfit #6

Dhany bought me this amazing skirt when we were in Bath.  It's from a Next that was having a closing sale of sorts and was going for £15.  I have a massive thing for full skirts and so I pounced on it.

When I included it in 30 for 30, I wondered if I could wear it another way, perhaps as a dress.  Anyone with some boobage will tell you that if a skirt waistband is not elastic, it generally won't fly as a dress given that your chest and waist are unlikely to be the same size.  This skirt has a zipper, but somehow, by modulating the zipper, I made it work and the "dress" stayed in place all day.

I took these pictures under this gnarled, spreading old tree just because it reminds me of Sleepy Hollow, and Sleepy Hollow is magnificent.

Outfit #7

 Rugby striped top - Primark.  Pants - Zara.  
Necklace - Diva.  Undershirt (if you care) - Cotton On.  

Outfit #8 

 Gold knit top - Primark.  Pants - Zara.  Flats - New Look.
Scarf - Cotton On.  Belt - Next.  

30 for 30 is making me realise that even if you're recycling 30 pieces, that doesn't mean that you can't make them look entirely different.  I put this yellow scarf on over my items and belted it and I loved the drapey effect it got alongside a more structured "high bun" kind of hairstyle.

Dhany said I looked like a Jedi.  Well, you can take the boy out of adolescence but...  Haha, just kidding.  I'm mad for Star Wars too!

PS I realise I'm wearing the same pants two days in a row.  Believe it or not, they actually went through the wash in between.  I'm a bit obsessive about laundry that way...


EevvaStyle said...

great outfits:)

candy apples said...

Love your outfits! Especially that first one :)

You and Dhany should definitely go to Hakone for the hot springs if you guys get a chance♥


Jenni Wells said...

The dress looks fantastic with the thick leather belt!! Also, those blue trousers are way cute. The draping with the scarf is such a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Lovely dress!!

ruxandra d. said...

Nice pictures.Kisses.

Anonymous said...

beautiful looks :)

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