Saturday, February 5, 2011

We The Thousands

Lately, I've been spending some time designing t-shirts for the band that Dhany's in, 
We The Thousands (check 'em out, they're awesome!  Every time I hear their music, I'm awed that I know such people).

Short of being an actual member, I've been to a few of the recording sessions and jams and I've spent some time taking pictures of the band as well (more for practise than because I'm a pro!) and now that they're recording proper, I thought I'd draw some t-shirts with fabric markers for fun so Dhany could wear them to jams and things.

Here are a couple of the designs I thought I'd share just for fun - they incorporate a teeny acronym of the band name that you really have to search for.  Obviously, the pictures and designs are copyright me!

I was actually experimenting with fabric markers on this shirt, so the shading and all are a little bit wobbly, but Dhany's already worn it to a jam and apparently the band likes the idea.

This one, I took in progress:

This design is just a prototype and I'll be tweaking it further, but I just thought it was a fun idea, what with all kinds of light bulbs dangling down every which way.

If anyone is interested, as I've mentioned before, I'm happy to draw on people's t-shirts or design things for practice.  I like doodling for fun, and am happy to take on any practice I can, so just let me know!


priii said...

love the 2nd one!!! gah. i can't believe how awesome you are. pfft

Anonymous said...

yea i think the second one looks really nice!! gd job shules!!

Adam said...

This is so fab.
I love all of your sketches your so talented!

Kaleido Mind said...

very cutee!!! great job:D

yiqin; said...

well done :)

Shoe said...

@ Priii - thank you! Hahaha well you know, it's just practice and there are some things I honestly CANNOT draw.

@ Anon - Thanks!! I have no idea who you are (although I know I know you) but thanks!

@ Adam - Thanks Adam... I've just realised you make shirts too!

@Kaleido Mind - Aww thank you! :D

@ Yiqin - Haha thanks dude!

Yvette said...

love his shirt! great post!

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