Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Detail: Ear wrap and 25, 26 and 27

Every day the sun is out here is a day to rejoice.  There was a lovely golden afternoon the other day, the grass furred with sunlight, and I went out walking with my camera and tripod.  All the birds are coming back and there were two geese in my usual pond coupled with a black and red water bird I didn't recognise and four ducks.

The geese sailed in their leisurely way about the pond, at times chasing the ducks away and coming quite close to me.  I felt a bit like David Attenborough (or is it Richard?!  I can never tell) except that I don't think David Attenborough calls his subjects "Buddy".

I was tempted to hold out my hand and sing like Cinderella and see if they would come to me, but then I remembered the stories of a man getting his arm broken by a swan and desisted, especially after one goose eyed me beadily.  (I know "beady eyes" is a cliche but no smoke without fire is what I say!)

Anyroad.  I bought a ear wrap awhile ago in Urban Outfitters and had been dying to wear it every since.  I decided to pair it with my slouchy french knit and tights that popped and I really really enjoyed it.  I got compliments all day, so I suppose it must've looked quite nice.  I've seen loads of variations on them with beads and things and am keeping my eye out for another one.

Knit top as dress - France.  Shoes New Look. 
Purple tights - Topshop.  Gloves - Dorothy Perkins.
Ear wrap - Urban Outfitters.

Outfit #26

 Dress as top - Spitalfields.  Pencil Skirt - Marks and Sparks.
Shoes - Shu Time.  Sheer tights - H&M. 

This is the first time I've ever worn a dress as a top and tucked it in to a skirt.  I've always look at people and thought, how the hell do they do that without all the excess fabric bunching and bulging like a nappy?  Well, my friends, here is how.  You just do.  Of course, it helps if the hem of the dress is shorter than the skirt, but I've learned never to say never to many things.  

Outfit #27

Blazer - Tang's Studio.  Jeans - New Look.  
Undershirt - Uniqlo HeatTech.  Necklace - Camden

I never cease to be amazed at the quality of this blazer right down to the beautiful fabric and lining.  I can't believe I never though of pairing it with Davey Jones before, but I think they look quite swell together.

Also swell, this wonderful sun.  Every glowing afternoon seems to slow time and remind me of the wonderful things in life, that is, long distance phone calls, playing the piano, scratchings, understanding tutors, wild animals, peanut butter and notebooks.  So what are you doing indoors reading this?!


Jono said...

The pics of the beautiful sun, lush grass and woods are gorgeous - makes me feel like lying on the grass and laze an afternoon away... : )

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

you look beautifull!
love the first pics!
nd the earring (L)

i have a new outfit of the day!
come nd take a look
everyday a new post.

Xo model from holland

grace c said...

LOVE the cephalopod necklace. I want a squid one... :)

ChiccaStyle said...

Great shots and you look amazing!!!

Shoe said...

@ Jono - Awww I know what you mean! Let's pick an afternoon and have a picnic when I get back!

@ Grace - Thanks!! Oh you know, you should totally search "squid" on Etsy, there are some AMAZING designs that come up :)

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