Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Details: Celtic ring

For the longest time, I've been looking for delicate silver rings that I can wear constantly.  I had previously bought myself a very special present of a rose gold ring with tiny diamonds in it (the only diamonds I may ever own and bought at a steep discount) but I simply can't wear that every day for fear that the diamonds will get loose or lost.

Then, last semester, I found this sterling silver Celtic knot ring at a school bazaar from something like £6.  I love Celtic knots.  Mainly because they're similar to Buddhist knots (which I also love) that have no start and no end and symbolise eternity.  So I jumped on it straight away.  It's so flat and so delicate that there is no danger of me ever feeling its weight or snagging it on anything.

I've since come back from a weekend away in Dublin and bought myself a silver Claddagh ring.  Who couldn't stop thinking of one after watching Buffy?  And then I discovered how meaningful it is and had to have one!

I now wear the knot ring on my right hand, and the Claddagh on my left.  I wear them every day, almost continuously, sleeping or awake, except for when I shower or put on moisturiser.  I'll show you guys soon in another post!

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yiqin; said...

Very nice and chic design.

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