Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Knee-deep in dandelions

The weather has been so delightful lately that I thought I'd just document a slew of warm weather activities with an outfit at the end.  It's been (surprisingly) sunny and warm enough to go out in shirt sleeves but with a cool breeze in the air and I dare not wonder how long it will last.

The nicest thing about the visiting of Spring is that the air is filled with dandelion down, drifting meditatively by like a soft, harmless snow.  Walking around in campus or sitting on the top deck of a bus, I watch as they float downwards, flashing white in the golden sun or dancing when a breeze stirs.

I love breathing on the puffball dandelions and watching them peel apart and scatter, bobbing like spidery little feathered darts.

We started our spring with a picnic in the sunshine, kicking off our shoes and reading and laughing around packets of Loacker wafers and green grapes.  I've forgotten how good cool grass feels underfoot and the added bonus of occasionally chilly draughts of air is being bothered by very few members of the insect race.

A barbeque was also in order, and the Earlsdon crew very patiently organised a wonderful feast of chicken, kebabs, briyani and curry with added dishes like cutlets and curried prawns coming in from all the other girls.  I was just happy to show up and stuff my face!

All the guys wore traditional lungis and were more than happy to display their hot legs for me!  And just above, my friend, Chin protecting her bare feet with my hot pink socks.

Shirt/dress - Far East Plaza.  Tights - H&M.  Belt - New Look.  
Earrings - New Look.  Shoes - Chatelet.  Rings - Diva.  Jacket - Primark.
Happy face - The product of sunshine combined with twenty degrees.

And finally, I can't believe that it's getting warm enough to wear one-shouldered dresses!  This actually isn't a dress.  Or maybe it is.  But I've been wearing it as a shirt for so long that when I suddenly realised that I could wear it as a short, off-shoulder LBD, it was as if lighting had come down from the clouds.  (I know that's the horrible simile but all my writing is a work in progress okay?!)

Together with my faux-leather jacket, it made the perfect outfit for dancing and traipsing around town with Anjuly for my friend Shalmalee's birthday. 

It also made the perfect outfit for us to sleep on the couch in, given that we got locked out for the whole night shortly afterwards, but that my friends, is another tale for another time.


Shelby said...

great photos! i can't wait until the weather here is nice enough to have a picnic. love the black dress with tan leather accessories, and the feather earrings are a great way to tie it all together! <3shelby


GretchTM said...

Lovely pictures! You look adorable!

V. said...

funny pics! love your shoes!
kiss, v



Thanks for your advise, I am planning on painting the hideous wallpaper! And keeping the record sleeves :d

Your pictures make me want to be there, too haha. So summer-ish! And the close-up of the dandelion is also beautiful. Don't you ever wonder how they get from the yellow flower into that one? <3

Ruby Girl said...

lovely photos! seems like you have a wonderful family. and you look so fabulous in that outfit. love your earrings and shoes!! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Love the black dress and shoes, both are really cute on you!

Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home

Lea said...

Love love love dandelions. I remember I used to get in trouble when I was young for blowing the little seeds everywhere. Long distance is rough! But I know for this boy, it's worth it.

Looks like you had a good time. Love the simplicity of this outfit.

Jenni Wells said...

Inside out socks!!!!

Your black dress is so gorgeous! You look like such a babe.


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