Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two bath bombs I would recommend: Twilight and Dragon's Egg

Hello fellow Lushophiles!

I've been taking several baths recently, firstly because the hot water is relaxing for sore muscles and conducive to lots of thinking, but also because I don't have a bathtub anywhere back home and I'm determined to make the most of the one I have here.

And so, after thinking it over, I think I'm going to try (in the few months before I have to go) every single Bath Bomb that Lush makes (well, except for the ones that look like they make yukky colours.  I don't have time to be wasting my baths on that - rule of thumb, if the bath bomb colour looks uckyslush in person, it probably will be uckyslush in the water). 

The reason for this is that I've pretty much narrowed my bubble bars down to two regulars that I love: The Comforter (which makes SO many bubbles and turns the water a ridiculous hot pink) and Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds.  I can just keep repurchasing those two and be delightfully happy.

However, Bath Bombs are a different story.  Unlike bubble bars which you crumble under high pressure running water, with bath bombs you fill a bath first with running water, then drop them in. 

Most people get disappointed with them because they're not what they expect - they don't make loads of frothy bubbles or look terribly soapy.  Instead, they melt into the water and leave it silky and coloured, and if you get special ones, glittery or flowery.

But, unlike a Bubble Bar, which you have to stand there crumbling, with a Bath Bomb, you can just climb into the water, drop it in and play with it as it goes whizzing all round the tub like a toy!  It's immense fun.

So I'm going to share two Bath Bombs that haven't disappointed me despite not being all bubbly and sudsy like I usually like.  One I used ages ago, and one I literally just used, and I think I will be repurchasing both.

Twilight Bath Bomb

What:  Twilight Bath Bomb.  It contains pink and blue pigments, scents of lavender and tonka absolute and a tiny trace of glitter.  (Yes, I read in the bath and no my books never get wet.  If you would like a tutorial on that, I will be happy to explain!)

How it works:

I dropped the Twilight bomb in with a few drops of tea tree oil to help me relax before I slept and watched it whizz around the tub with great interest.  This is supposed to be Lush's foamiest bath bomb, and while it's barely foamy compared to the lovely mounds of creamy suds you'll get with a bubble bar, some foam does emerge.

First, it started foaming pink and then as it tumbled and whizzed, a beautiful blue core emerged and it streaked across the tub like a comet with an aquamarine tail.  The water turned a wonderful dusky purple (not like some of the yukky browns and beiges some of the bath bombs turn) and right at the end, a tiny sprinkling of silver-blue glitter floated on the surface of the foam.

The scent of Twilight is lovely and very relaxing and quite strong, so it won't just disappear into the water when you bathe.  It also scented up my closet very nicely in the month when it was waiting in line for its turn (it smells a lot more noxious in ball form than in the bath because it's strong, so don't be disheartened!).  The glitter does get left on your skin a bit.  If you want it to stay on, slap on some moisturiser immediately, if not, wait for your skin to dry and then brush it off with your hands.

Will I come back for more?  For sure.  This was really relaxing and comforting and it was so pretty to look at, I felt really happy using it.  The scent is also beautiful if you like lavender.

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

What:  A nice, big bath bomb with lots of surprises inside from little bits of confetti to gold glitter.  The scent is very grapefruity and refreshing.

How it works:  I didn't want to stand around taking pictures of this one because I wanted to get in the tub and enjoy it as it whizzed round, so I found you guys a video instead, that demonstrates it very nicely.

The colour will not be intense in the tub because clearly it's much more diluted than in the small basin.  Instead, mine turned a pale orange and then, when the gold glitter started streaming out, it became golden!  (If you want the colour more intense, don't fill the bath as high!)

I was really excited by the glitter, there was tons of it and I found little chunks like gold nuggets in the bomb as it was fizzing away and thousands of beautiful golden specks flashed under the water as I bathed.  There were a few pieces of green, blue and pink confetti and you don't have to worry about these as they seem to be made of a glutinous substance that just dissolves eventually. 

Practically speaking, I love the grapefruit scent and it turned the water really silky and moisturising.  The glitter didn't stick to me though there was lots left in the tub after and I just hosed it down.    

It was just a really luxurious, pampering experience (I felt like I was bathing in molten gold) and I think this one is best saved for a special occasion, maybe even before you go on a night out. 

Will I come back for more?  Yes!  I'll probably square one away for a special day, which will be made all the more special by the anticipation of using Dragon's Egg!

I hope you guys enjoyed this and that they were good recommendations for you if you were looking for new Bath Bombs to try (or weren't sure how a Bath Bomb works and were wondering if you should buy one).  I have a couple of other bath and body products to review in an upcoming post, so if you like the bath and body posts, hang in there!

What about you?  Do you have any special Bath Bombs you would like to recommend?


Ruby Girl said...

haha perfect! I've always wondered what those little guys do! <3

Claire said...

okay, you so make me want to take a bath. right now. i never take baths. i never get the time to just relax and do that. i do give my girlies a bath everyday. but lying in a bath of yummies reading a book and sipping wine sounds SOOOO wonderful right now!

Claire @

Lea said...

Makes me sort of sad. Because in my apartment, we only have a stand up shower. So I guess I'll have to wait until I move to even consider such things. heh. I love floufily skirts :)

Jenni Wells said...

Bath time is easily my favorite time! I'll have to look into these products.

Anonymous said...

Um...pretty much OBSESSED with this.
looks so tasty :) Haha im sure its not good to eat it.
Love the colors. just amaze.
And yes, that was my bedroom!

yiqin; said...

i do nt have a bathtub :(

Carolina said...

i have never used bath bombs! so thanks 4 the recommendation!i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI by a young Mexican designeer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

Faye - Boutique Bag Lady said...

I love Lush bath BOMBS! Thanks for sharing.

Annie said...

My only issue with them is that they are quite pricey for a one-time use item! Best lovely lush twilight bath bomb demo

Heana S said...
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