Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big blue sea

It's been a long long week with lots of school issues and a 12,000 word portfolio that I handed in this morning at last!  Teary-eyed and sleep deprived, I want nothing more than to lie in the bath for hours with a fat book and my newly discovered favourite bath bomb of all time: Big Blue.

What:  Big Blue is one of those bath bombs that straddle the middle of the line - my favourite kind.  Not so fancy and sparkly that you feel like you have to go on a night on the town afterwards, but not such a non-event that you forget it.

It's supposed to be reminiscent of the sea with seaweed in.

How it worked: 

The photos really don't do it justice.  The water turned the most beautiful shade of turquoise-blue and bits of seaweed floated out of the ball and were strewn at the bottom.  My worries about them clogging the drain were unjustified - they turned out to have the consistency of chin-chow (if you know what that is you'll understand, if not, it's like a jelly) and slipped quite neatly away at the end.

The smell was this amazing, fresh, perfumey, oceany, slightly salty scent.  And if you're like me and you love the ocean, this bath will amuse you greatly.  I'm ashamed to admit that I spent a great deal of time walloping the water about and pretending I was swimming in the sea.  If you love that feeling of being on a slightly exotic holiday, sitting in a coral reef and dragging your fingers through the seaweed at the bottom, this bomb is absolutely for you.

Would I come back for more?  Absolutely, yes.  This was the first bath bomb that had an oddly transformative effect - instead of just turning the water colours, I actually felt I was in a different place.  The smell is great and fresh and if I had to narrow down my current favourites, this would be one (along with Twilight and then Dragon's Egg for special occasions).

Now however, a product I'm not quite so chuffed with:

What it is:  Boots Botanics Nourishing Bodycare Butter.  It's got a good texture and smells like grapeseed and aloe, which is a very pleasant smell indeed.  Also the best value for money bodybutter I've ever bought at £5 for a whacking great tub (giant compared to the coffee mug in the back.)

How it worked:  

The smell and texture were great, but as a bodybutter, it wasn't particularly moisturing.  Most tellingly, the red spots I get when my skin is too dry started popping back up within a week of exclusively using this.  So, I guess you get what you pay for and as a bodybutter, it's not doing it's job all that well.

I was a bit sad about this because the price and scent were great and I was hoping I'd finally found a long time staple (especially since the Soap and Glory one I reviewed here has gone up to something ridiculous like 10 quid!  It's still a glorious product though.)

Will I come back for more?  No... although if you don't need a super moisturising body butter but you want a cheap moisturiser that smells great and you can just whack on like body lotion after a shower, this is a good product.

Hope you enjoyed these quick reviews, more up soon! 


Temporary:Secretary said...

These look like lovely products. I wish i didn't have an allergy to bath bombs, i love them so much.

aki! said...
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aki! said...

Really liking the Lush review. I've been trying to use up my stuff before I get anymore so it's always good to get my desires filled in other ways.


*Glam Chameleon* said...

Oh I think I'm gonna need to find this fab bath bomb, I just loveee the finishing color!:))

Cookie said...


Grace said...

Cool! I love the color

mirjam schuurkamp said...

looks really good!
love to see this babe
thanks for the comment

New outfit post ; Silver times

Margarida said...

Hi! It looks great! :)


YYAYYYY! I so love that you documented your whole bath bomb experience. Man, I used to LOVE those. I liked the ones with sequins in it. (I was a little girl, c'mon!)

Man. I really want to take a bath now! hahah. It's been YEARS. Sad face.


Camille said...

i had never heard of bath bombs! love the turquoise shade! you just have to close your eyes and think about the caribbean! lol
nice reward after writing that portfolio!

Girl about town.... said...

Ah, that right there is my idea of heaven! I love bath bombs!

Girl about Town XxX

Alison said...

this bath bomb looks so cute! and too bad the body butter isn't the best, I generally like boots... great reviews!

<3 Alison

Winnie said...

That bath bomb looks incredible! Is that from Lush? I still can't buy anything from there, the smell is a bit too overpowering and I walk in, only to do a quick walk around the shop and out again! However, this sounds and looks pretty amazing, I should take baths more! Er...just to clarify, I am more of a shower person haha.

Cassidy said...

I just love bath products and pampering myself!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

what is that...look so cute product

Rosa Pel said...

waoh awsome!!! so interesting!

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