Saturday, July 16, 2011

If I come and hold you now

Photos by Dhany

I've been away for a little while on a sort of "holiday", doing a little travelling around the country and entertaining a guest who has come to visit from far, far away.

"Summer" has not yet made itself truly felt, but today it was warm enough to go out with bare legs (and crazy tap shorts) and sunglasses.  So, my best buddy and I went hand-in-hand, to walk together amongst the golden flowers and softly scented lavender, laughing and joking, teasing each other as we stepped carefully through the tall grass.

Fat bumblebees drowsed in the flowers and thistledown drifted through the air.  Such days are so few and far between for us right now that even an occasional draught couldn't dampen my spirits.

Sequinned tap shorts - Factory outlet.  Sweater - Factory outlet.  Bag - Vintage.
Ring - Present from Dhany.  Scarf - New Look.  Sunnies - Charles and Keith.
Bracelets - Claire's.  Clogs - Swedish Hasbeens for H&M.

It's not particularly warm or sunny here, or great weather for picnics or sightseeing outdoors.  Yet, I feel like there's not much more I could ask for right now, apart from giving thanks that you are here, and that if only for a little while, I have the chance to hold your hand.


The Cat Hag said...

Awww you look fabulous. :)

I love the way you write, and how cute is that apple ring!

The Cat Hag


um HI YOU LOOK SO FABULOUS. I loooove these photos so much! We always pass through fields like this on the way to school. I've always wanted to take pictures. But it's very public and, you know, that could be awkward.

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME. These photos are incredible. And eeek. You look so fierce. I love, loveeee the sequin shorts. FAR TOO AMAZING.

Grace said...

Fabulous photos!
I just love the skirt!!

menina elegante said...

you look just gorgeous!! :D Love your shorts. :) x

Ohmyglam said...

Nice blog! Like the pictures!
we're following

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

is it skirt or pants???u looks so have fun here with beautiful scenery

Ninin of The Two Miss Fits said...

wow. the weather set the perfect backdrop to your outfit! lovely photos! what camera are you using! I am so jealous! lol :P


Temporary:Secretary said...

So much sparkles! love the ring x

Bonnie said...

Obsessed with your ring right now. ohemgee. It's so whimsical and adorable!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Diana said...

Really jealous of your sequin shorts and weather. It's so humid and hot here, I can't wait for Fall and Summer has barely begun.

Anjuly said...

You look damn sexy, Shuls.


Yeah, well at least it looks sunny in the pictures and you are indeed able to go out the door with bare legs! I'm soaking in rain and thunder here...but that's Belgium. Love the red shoes in this outfit ! You look so happy and feminine xoxo

Dilan Dilir said...

you look amazing:)

Camille said...

what a beautiful scenery! love your shorts and sunglasses!

Adriana Alfaro said...

i love the mix of the sequined skirt and the tricot, amazing!
xoxo from Brazil!

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