Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cherry pie

The weather grumped and grizzled all yesterday, threatening rain but swelling with damp heat, so we went to the beach to drink coffee and eat cookies.

The wind was wonderfully cold and the seaside, quiet.

I thought this tree had the most interesting shape and lack of leaves. Then, Dhany decided to give it an added dimension.

Also, I just bought the most coolest pair of shoes ever from a brand called Herman Monster. They were half price, so I'm sorry to say I broke my shoes ban just for them.

But look: the colour completely pops and I have no idea what model these are, but I love love love the fact that the heel is just a teeny bit convex.

With all the daily running around I do, this is probably the best concession I can make to "structural". Oh and....



priii said...




for some reason... when i saw domokun... i thought of hachupuff... =P

Shoe said...

I love Domo too!! I could tell you who that Domo belongs to, but the person would KILL me.

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