Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cobain on the brain

If I crept over to the shared table in our office, opened a bar of milk chocolate with pretzels, scoffed half of it, noisily licking my fingers because it was one of the best chocolate flavours I've ever tasted, I mean like sweet and salty and crunchy and smooth all in one bite, and no one saw it, did the chocolate really get eaten?

Shirt - Zara. Studded tights - Uniqlo.
Leopard print shoes - Rubi. Bag - Aldo.
Earrings - Gift. Rings - Square 2, Melbourne flea market.

Everytime I wear this shirt now, I feel like Kurt Cobain in that 1992 concert where he wore that long white wee-willy-winkie nightshirt. Perhaps next week, I'll wear a diaper to feel like Axl Rose.

In the meantime, I'm just enjoying these earrings Dianah's mother bought me from China. I love them! And I've been looking to incorporate more gold-toned metal into my jewellry collection, just cause, you know, it's fun.

This picture was taken by Mel, who initially tried to take it in front of a really old school bird shop - the kind with a million and one vector pigeons stuffed into a rusty metal cage, spewing their droppings every which way - and we got shooed off by the shop owner, so we moseyed over to the letterboxes, not twelve feet away, while he glared at us reproachfully from behind a veil of diseased sparrows.

This one was taken by Priya in HongKong Cafe, the one place we never seem to leave. I mean, have you eaten the peanut butter and jam thick toast? With the hand-ground peanut butter melting over the edges of the golden slab, languishing under a heaping spoonful of cold raspberry jelly?

I was trying to show how my patterned Alice in Wonderland tights and leopard print shoes looked together and kept sticking my leg up in the air like a peeing dog until other customers started staring at us suspiciously.

Now I know what Chip must feel like when we all cluster around and watch him whizz in the garden.

Um... I meant, you know, hypothetically. Not that my brothers and I actually do that.

No one is THAT mad.

PS I'm having some font issues - it seems to be small in some posts and gigantic in others. I just can't get it all uniform, and it's driving me nuts!


priii said...

i really like the one mel took. <3

Shoe said...

hahahah i'll tell her that! that's the base of the black where her grandma lives...

Smells said...

Babe! I swear in the very 1st pic of u seated on an open field or watever looks farkin familiar!! It's near Grama's house, right?!

And oh! I see someone appreciates my photography skills! Haha!

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