Monday, April 26, 2010

Not so ciplat

I love cheap jewellery and most of what I own is something off a $10 for 3 cart or from a costume places like Diva or Accessorize (which, by the way, I hate that they spell with a ‘z’).

Today, I decided to give myself a treat and finally get some proper jewellery, so I went down to Swarovski and went through their collection of pendants.

I chose two pieces, this honey coloured stone on a rose gold-coloured chain, and a pretty gold bird on the most beautiful brown crystal sphere.

Apparently the latter is from the Alice in Wonderland collection, but as I can’t remember a swallow anywhere in the actual Lewis Carroll version, I’m going to assume it’s a Tim Burton liberty.

The weather has been really erratic lately, with blistering blue skies in the morning and sudden afternoon bouts of violent, heavy rain.

Denim jacket - Esprit. Black tank - Uniqlo.

Khaki pants - Volcom. Earrings - Mel.

Tibetan harmony bell - my mothers. Shoes - Northstar (Converse's cheap, but cute, cousin)

I've forgotten where his whole outfit is from, but the shirt is gorgeous.

Dhany has been wearing his PF Flyers everywhere!

Domo freaked out because I walked in on him changing and he rushed to cover his bits. I mean that in the most serious way possible.

You just can't make this stuff up.

Edit: VAH! I forgot to say earlier! Jamie took the photo of me above. She volunteered to be the new photographer for when I don't have time to use self-timer and we all know what that means. QUALITY WORK.


Smells said...

Dude!! I spy my blue-ey earrings on ur blog! Woo! They go well with your ensemble!

priii said...

the shoes! i want the shoes! where can i get them? TOO CUTE

Shoe said...

Smelly! Thanks so much for the earrings, they are awesome and they jingle all day long!!

Priii you can get the shoes from BATA!!! Isn't that cool? Accessible AND cheap, mine were only about $29.90. And they're comfortable and sturdy. The brand is Northstar. GO NUTS!

priii said...

goodness.. i haven't ventured into a bata since sec 4... WHICH WAS 10 WHOLE YEARS AGO

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