Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pick of the week: Not Exactly Rocket Science

A quick pick of the week: Ed Yong is one of my favourite science writers on the web because his blog, Not Exactly Rocket Science because he does exactly what it says - takes complicated scientific principles or new experiments and findings and makes them easy and interesting to understand. (Boy, if that wasn't a sentence full of misplaced punctuation!)

I love his simple, personable writing tone, and also the photos he sometimes takes himself like when he's on a safari.


Some of my favourite posts are those that revolved around animal behaviour - how birds flying shows the order of their leadership, how animals are better at certain tasks than humans because we over think things. There was even a fascinating set of slow motion videos on duck ejaculation which will never make you see Donald Duck the same way again.

Here's an excerpt from one of his latest posts:

"Three years ago, a nine-year-old girl was admitted to La Merced hospital in Peru with a headache that had lasted for two weeks and a strange “sliding sensation” in her nose. Her parents quickly discovered the source of the problem – a sizeable black worm lodged up her right nostril. They quickly sought medical help and it came in the form of Dr Renzo Arauco-Brown, who “with some effort” removed a seven-centimetre leech from the girl’s nose."

Um, I know that wasn't exactly the most savoury thing to read, but I promise this is about the grossest it gets on there and the rest of his posts are interesting, highly educational and will keep up you abreast with happenings in the science world without all the jargon.


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