Thursday, April 29, 2010


Dhany wishes me to convey a piece of wisdom he picked up yesterday after he burped while swimming and water flooded his lungs:

Confucius say: Survival chances dim, if belch while swim.

Shirt - Zara, Barcelona. Pants - Insight.
Watch - Nixon. Shoes - PF Flyers.

Also an interesting conversation:

Jamie “Photo Finish” Ee: “I’m really cautious about what I say to you now.”

Me: “Why?”

Jamie “Don’t Pose Pretentiously” Ee: “You might put it in your blog.”

And the rest is history!

Dress - Forever 21. Tights - Square 2.

Loafers - Timberland. Cuff - River Island, Men. Earrings - Rolled on the thighs of virgins.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I was going to buy a shirt just like that top! But mine was purple!

I kid you not...

Yours is cuter though.

Shoe said...

Dude that is a cute top! Buy it!!! Also, mine is a dress :P

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