Monday, April 19, 2010

What I did yesterday, or, the most banal post ever

Hat: Gooring Brothers. Shirt and pants: Woven by spiders (no, I cannot

for the life of me remember though he told me on Saturday). Shoes: Pf Flyers

Bag: Manhattan Portage

Dhany’s totally rocking this pair of funky and inexpensive red sneakers he found online, like Converse, but apparently even more comfortable because they offer arch support inside. The brand name, Posture Foundation, sounds naff, but how cute are the kicks?!

Shirt - H&M. Vintage wash jeans - Uniqlo.

Bag - Longchamp. Flats - Mimosa. Necklace and rings - Accessorize.

Yesterday, I headed out for coffee with my family in my idea of extreme basics and Sunday casual. In the heat outside Starbucks, my brother pointed out two beefy guys with attempts at suave stubble and extreme tans and said that they looked like they’d stepped straight out of Jersey Shore. We solemnly pumped our fists in a brief homage, then stepped inside.

(I don’t know about you, but I find Jersey Shore simultaneously the most horrifying and hilarious show on the air right now.

Last night, Mike “The Situation” invited two girls back to the house only to ditch them on the way for another two girls he thought were cuter, and then found himself in a quandary when the original two girls showed up anyway but one of them was not as cute as the other and turned out to be a pain in the ass AND cock blocker.

When he told the camera that she was the “grenade” and then spent five whole seconds laughing delightedly at what he perceived was an intelligent joke, I thought the show had hit a personal peak.)

My young-punk Grandmother, working one of the biggest commercial sell-out symbols of our time. God, I love her.

Later in the evening, The D made a wonderful dinner of minestrone soup and roast lamb (I helped with the MOST important task of all, chopping the vegetables). The minestrone was so good that I even scarfed down the piles of cabbage ensconced within it. Even better, we found alphabet pasta while grocery shopping which promptly went into the soup.

Alphabet pasta must be one of my most fondly remembered childhood foods so my day hit an all time high when I carried my bowl of soup into the light to see a plump pasta “J” and “B” staring back at me.

We briefly contemplated eating some telegraphic cucumbers, but then Dhany said we might be transmitting messages at each other all night.

Then, Jason came over and we spent a very mature and quietly pensive evening deciding how best to shoot each other with our nerf guns. First, Jason and I tried a Western-style quick draw, then, The D and Jason made me put on a cowboy hat, made me face the wall and proceeded to see who could shoot me in the head the most.

Also, Chip made a very slick Houdini-style escape onto the neighbour’s roof yesterday which prompted a massive rescue mission from my family.

Sometime between standing on the neighbours ladder and trying to coax him down while the neighbour shrieked that she was terrified of dogs and my mom and brother throwing fish crackers at him from our balcony to entice him towards them, life’s universal truth settled gently on me like a butterfly on a flower:

I am completely and totally surrounded by clowns.


Smells said...

I like ur casual Sunday ensemble! And what's up with Chip and his great escape? Hehe.

priii said...

how on earth that he get up there?!

Shoe said...

Hey guys! Thanks smells!

And Chip got on the roof because I let him out onto our upstairs balcony, and he jumped from one awning to another. I should be beaten for cruelty to animals.

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