Friday, April 23, 2010

With Ooit!

According to the MRT train I was on today, City Square Mall is “bursting with excitement”. Well, it seems to me Mustafa was just plain bursting, and it was more thrilling anyway.

Diana snuck around the aisles (in a cute outfit of embellished dress, purple tights and Converse sneakers cut for girls) like the pink panther on Tuesday, picking up DVDs full of song and dancing while I gave running commentary in an exaggerated Indian accent. “Gad, I’m glad Amitabh grew a beard, yaar?”

Fail: Mustafa’s cataloguing system. It’s bad enough that I found I’ll ALWAYS Know What You Did Last Summer under ‘A’ the last time, but who knew they had a whole section of music by emotion? I really need a copy of the Super Hit: Angry Enough To Stab My Boss album.

Also fail: Mohan’s hair. Your hits may be evergreen but, my Indian Brother from another mother, that coif is not.

I don’t know if you care, but these Scandinavian M&Ms come with Ooit.

Silk top - Marks and Spencers. Cutout booties - Lilly.
Grey flared pants - Uniqlo. Earrings - Accessorize.

These awesome grey faux suede cutout booties were actually bought right off a mannequin. I saw them on a display in Isetan and begged the saleslady for them. They only came in one size, which happened to fit me perfectly. Ah, karma. I must’ve done something good.

Dudeness shirt - Online. Denim shorts - Online (I wish I could remember from where!!!)

Shoes - PF Flyers. Hat - Goorin Brothers. Watch - Nooka.

On Monday, after watching Shutter Island (which I’ve realised is pretty much Memento filmed forward but not as great), we found the best capsule machine ever.

Studying the pictures on the front, we took turns to guess what it would be. Dhany guessed fish stickers, and I reckoned a dinky little fishing lure.

Delightfully wrong! It turned out to be a photorealistic blow up fish all rolled up and stuffed into the little plastic bauble.

And so, with a few strong heaves from Dhany, we welcomed Ikan Henry into this world. He weighs 12grams approximately, my biggest catch ever.

That is pretty much it.

Oh, and I really AM glad Amitabh grew a beard.

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priii said...

ooh! i loved the outfit dude. seriously. i heart booties. but my feet look even bigger in them. in an effort to ensure i do not look like ronald mcdonald's long lost indian cousin, i have to refrain from wearing them. BUT THEY'RE SO CUTE!! *le sigh*

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