Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pretty things, lately

This beautiful, cold, fresh salad of lettuce, avocado, salmon and a tart and salty mustard dressing from Sun With Moon, which we had for dinner last night.  Something about the paper thin radish slices just moves me.

Dhany also ate Domo for dinner, but not before he screamed in fear and horror.

These are some really cute earrings from a shop called Stationery Island in the basement of Parkway Parade which has the prettiest post-its, notebooks and schedules.  Apparently, the owners friend makes these little robot creatures from electrical parts and Swarovski crystals - an improbable but brilliant combination.  

They look like happy like machine animals with crystal eyes and hands, much like Wall-E in the eponymous movie.  At $25 a pair, they are a little steep, but so unusual that I couldn't resist a pair for a present for my uber-cool mother.

They also had individual creatures encased in plastic, like insects in amber, for phone straps.

Tangs has a funny scheme where staff members actually make these cute little badges out of recycled materials like fruit wrapping, bottle caps, tinsel, plastic baubles and holiday decorations to promote recycling.

You are encouraged donate a minimum sum of $2 to get one, (the money goes to some green fund) so I got the gingham wrapped badge with the buttons and red feathers.  I can't stop thinking about how cute it will look on a denim jacket.

Wheelock Place at night.  Always underrated, compared to the other more flashy, slightly tacky malls, but I feel a sense of quiet comfort here.

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