Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fuggi regal phantasima

When I was in Spain with my cousins and brother, we spent a lot of time sitting on street corners eating ice-cream and watching people go by.  Unlike in Paris, where most girls looked chic and pulled together, the Spanish girls dressed in summery, flirty dresses and casual straw espadrilles.

More than once, we saw a lithe Spanish girl gracefully pull off a pair of impossible-looking harem pants.  (Except that time at Parc Guell when we stared, slack-jawed, at a girl who wore something that looked like a slack white diaper with two holes cut in it for her legs.  Sorry, chica.) 

So, we decided we were going to buy harem pants, bring them back to our respective countries and make them a trend there!  Well, not really because I don't know who would take either of us seriously in that department, but our beautiful 15 euro harem pants from the shops in the Albayzin (hers in blue and mine in green) are sooo comfortable.  

Shirt - Target, America.  Harem pants - Spain.
Ring - Thomas Sabo.  Black Flats - Mimosa.  Satchel - Vintage, Lucky Plaza.
Necklace - Cobbled together with vintage beads pulled from anthroplogical sites in 
Cairo by expert Egyptian metalworkers.  Not really, from Diva, $9 only! 


 They're light, breezy, comfortable and yet not as casual as slouchy pants and the silky material feels really good.

Obviously this mad coloured-pants trend hasn't taken off as planned, but I can't really complain.


Mavis very sweetly offered to take these photos for me - you can see her shadow!  That is how cool she looks!  And at one point, made me lean up against a tennis court fence that left greasy grey streaks all along my elbows, knuckles and the back of my shirt.  I protested weakly, but she yelled: "Will you commit and suffer for your art, Shuls?!  Will you?!  You think your readers won't be able to tell that you're not actually leaning against the fence?"

So yes, I AM leaning against the fence and I was sorely in need of wet wipes afterwards.  Thanks Ah Toh for taking the time!  

Shirt - Sifr.  Distressed jeans - Levis.  Plimsoles - Vans.  
Watch - Nixon.  Belt - Flesh Imp.
Current Personality - A combination of Kevin Smith movies, climbing 25 flights of stairs because the lift died and having Dillinger Escape Plan tickets.

The D also wore new pants yesterday - distressed, vintage-looking Levis! 

And cool new Vans that he bought to replace the ones that were wrecked at Soundwave.


Smells said...

You look reallyyyy preeeeety in the pic of you sitting on the bench!

Shoe said...

Awwww smells... thanks!!! Now you're making me all shy like a two legged giraffe.

Anonymous said...

nugs...the harem pants look fly! love the blog, btw!~shrimp

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