Friday, May 7, 2010

Seeing stripes

Ran into this vintage-looking dress two weeks ago quite by accident at a random shopping centre pushcart and haven't been quite the same since.

Striped dress - Pushcart at Cineleisure.  Cutout sandals - Dr Martens.
Cuff - River Island, Men.  Rhino pendant - Perlinis.  
Porcelain pendant - National Museum, Singapore.  Snake ring - Diva.

I kind of love how the stripes don't quite match up and how they look old and fadey, like umbrellas by the beach, or old-school swimming costumes.

Photos by Jamie

The porcelain pendant is the real vintage piece here, though - I bought it from the museum shop of the old National Museum at least 10 years ago.  It's a real piece of old Peranakan pottery which was broken up into pieces and made into pendants and earrings.  It kept me company all through one of the shittiest workdays ever, then drinks afterwards with awesome colleagues.

Also, Dhany was feeling a little frisky...

Op Art shirt - Modern Amusement.  Jeans - Nudies.
Brown shoes - Puma.  Watch - Nixon.

... frisky, but just fine.

A shoutout to Mel's friend Joanne who is apparently a faithful reader of this blog (yay!) and whom we met the other day in Borders.  Holla!!


priii said...

the look was SO CUTE

Joanne said...


it was great seeing you like finally(: i'm such a faithful reader only cos you're really funny on your blog and i actually do LOL. so you'll be expecting more faithful-ness from this blog snoop-er.

Smells said...

Pls pls, Jo. We know you're like some sorta blog stalker. Don't try & pretend you're some faithful reader all. Pfft.

Joanne said...

please, i blog surf. and i got your permission to read her blog so how is that stalking *pffffftt BACK*

Shoe said...

Hi Smells and Jo! Hahahaha... I don't mind having a blog stalker at all!

Jo, I'm so glad you enjoy the blog!! And Smelly! You better be reading it at least as much as she does! :P

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