Saturday, May 22, 2010

This just in

When Beck was in Singapore recently, we went shopping at Plaza Singapura where I found an interesting store called T Box.  They sell stuff like guys underwear and bandanas and stuff, but what really caught my eye was these head wraps sold on sticks like lollipops.

Apparently, these things, from Turkey, are called Taksanas.  What I really liked about them, compared to other head-scarfy things I've worn before, is that they have raggedy braids on the end, giving them a much more raw look.

Also, because the headwraps and bandanas all cost exactly $9.99, they actually put a Euro penny in the packaging as change and a souvenir!  What a cool gimmick!  I'm so into them, I may name my first child Taksana! 

Taksana - T Box.  Necklace - Made by mother.
Heather Grey Dress - The Station.  Convertible shawl/ Cape - Giordano.

I wore mine on the weekend with my favourite grey dress, shawl and a really cool semi-precious stone necklace my mother made.

Suede shoes - Vans. Grey pants - Insight.
Crazily-lined jacket - Volcom.  White shirt - Sifr.

Dhany wore his new suede shoes from Perth and howled at the rainy sky.

We both got badly caught in the rain later on and got soaked through, but I think the shoes made it through.

In other (more exciting) news, we finally made it back to the Tiger Year Fragrance Fan capsule machine!  You're supposed to attach one of these to your car aircon and it blows fragrance at you.

Umm yeah.  "Fragrance" being a very loosely used word.  It smelled more like a metallic, mothbally toilet freshener.

At least we got the "Super Mario" looking guy I had hoped for.  Usually, with capsule machines, you never get what you want the first time, which is both frustrating and money wasting.

So my technique with these machines is usually to shake them three times, murmur "the luck of the irish, the luck of the irish" repeatedly, and turn the dial while jiggling the machine slightly, because it worked that one time and I got the tiny capsule machine set of a protractor and a set square.

Yeah, maybe I got that Taksana tied on too tight.


 Other ways I've worn this dress:  

Something to die for


Anonymous said...

The Taksana looks awesome on you...hmmm, now I want one too! Damn.

Shoe said...

Hahaha dude I can totally buy you one! OR you can come BACK and buy one yourself!

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