Thursday, May 20, 2010

Within you without you

My first "A photo an hour" post.

It's one of those blog memes where you document your day with a random photo taken every hour.  I love the kind of casual and truthful glimpses they give into someone's daily life.

This was my lazy Sunday last week:




We took my grandma to the neighbourhood community centre to check out some of the classes they have for seniors.


Coffee at the Peranakan-themed Starbucks down the street with my mother and grandmother.


One of my favourite face masks ever - an indulgence for when I'm feeling a little ragged round the edges.  In between this photo and 2:00pm, I'm pretty sure some major pig-like napping was going on, but you didn't hear it from me.


Spent some time with a good book.  The Discworld series is a bunch of sci-fi/fantasy books about a world which is flat (like a disc, obviously) and rests on the backs for four giant elephants which in turn rest on the back of a giant turtle.

I actually started with Mort from the Discworld Series first, simply because I'd read that The Colour of Magic wasn't the best book to start with if you really wanted to get into it and understand it.

Believe it or not, there even are charts and diagrams floating around on the Interweb which tell you which order you should read Discworld books in (and never actually in the order they were written!).  After Mort though, I found this double-book version with The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic in one, too rare and good to pass up in Singapore, so I got cracking and I'm actually loving it (despite the fact that the cover is cheesy beyond belief).

My favourite bit of the book is still in the beginning where Prachett is explaining theories of how Discworld came into being, one being that two turtles mated and produced many baby turtles which in turn spawned little worlds, otherwise known as The Big Bang theory.


Hanshen and Sook started watching Lagaan.  One of the best.  Hindi.  Movies.  Ever.  Watched it with them on and off.


I made chai masala to make the Yindian experience more authentic, yaar.



Apple and I watched the rain together for a while.


My brothers returned with dinner.


Watched an episode of "Ai" with my grandmother.  It's one of those infernally long-running soap operas that's on it's 800th episode or something and so slow moving, to boot, that I've missed weeks of the plot and can STILL follow what's going on.

I fail to see where the actual "Ai" (or "love" in Mandarin) is.  Everything is unecessarily complicated and the characters spend ridiculous amounts of time arguing, getting drunk and then having affairs with everyone in a 2km radius.

If you care, in this episode, second brother (pictured above) decided that third brother needed some help because he was really being mistreated by his evil wife, Ming Ming.  Ming Ming had climbed her way to the top of the family business, and now, as general manager was really giving third brother a hard time, resulting in him showing up at random casinos and gambling all his money away.

He would then come home dead drunk and hurl evil curses at his wife, who stood there and rolled her eyes in such a supercilious way that Mother, in disbelief to how unfilial her daughter-in-law had become, fainted THREE TIMES during the episode and had to be carried up the stairs.

In the meantime, first brother returned to visit his mother, but not without his PREGNANT MISTRESS who really upset his actual wife who then fled to second brother's apartment in tears and refused to be consoled.  When third brother finally came to the next day, he realised the casino people, in view of his gambling debts were chasing him all over the place and so, unable to get money from Ming Ming, forged a check in the name of the hotel and began a lengthy embezzlement process.

If anyone is still awake at this juncture, please let me know, and YOU can take over watching this crapfest for me.


A top-secret project I'm working on.


Some music and video watching time with Hanwei.


My gingerbread man jammies!


Dhany's old shirt which I shredded up for myself.  Later, I rolled the sleeves and stitched them up as well.  Can't wait to wear it with some denim shorts over the weekend.

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