Friday, June 11, 2010


I have a really crazy shopping pattern.  I don't shop for a couple of months at a time, spending time at home writing and making tea cosies by the fire like Eleanor Rigby, then suddenly, as if attacked by an old forgotten itch, I remember that there are things do see, places to go, trinkets to buy!

So, like a rabid dog, I hoof it out to a random store and buy dozens of things, none actually things that I wanted or needed before stepping into the store, and certainly with no premeditated pattern in mind.

I did just that at Diva the other night, to the tune of about $95.  Just writing that, I cringed.  I know, I know, I'm hanging my head in shame.  In fact, I spent such a long time in the store, I'm amazed I didn't come out with more.

But just like many other girls, I'm obsessed with accessories.  I love that you can mix and match them and change them in the way clothes can't be changed and they can make something look completely different.  I like Diva because the jewellery is cheap and unpretentious but it's always fun.  (See, now, if they were paying me to say all this, I could've gotten even more baubles!)

Also, I love seeing what other people have bought so I thought I'd share them... and remind myself that I don't need any more!

These blue pairs were hanging under a buy one get one free section and I just couldn't resist.  One reminds me of a roman shield while the other pair are more whimsical and lighter.

This is one of those pairs of earrings that looks expensive, when in fact, it was the cheapest of the bunch!

Dhany picked this bracelet out.  His taste and patience never cease to amaze me.  Most guys will slouch around grumpily outside the dressing room and mumble "Nice lar" as their girlfriends ponce around in the nth chiffon dress.

The D is the one standing right outside the doors to see examine each outfit before saying "I think you need to buy that a size smaller in the crotch, but it will go great with your red shoes."

A set with lots of pretty elements.  How could you not love the ombre butterflies?

An incredible black metal rose ring.

This ring slayed me.  The Victorian-cum-art-nouveau flowers stylised in pastel colours set in a contemporary block of plastic?  Woohoo!  Sign me up for the next war!

Um.... I suppose that only makes sense if you've ever watched Disney's Mulan and... if the ring was actually a handsome Chinese warrior asking for my hand in marriage.

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