Saturday, June 12, 2010

Changing it up

Lately, I've been on a kick to try and rejuvenate the older things in my closet by "remixing" them, as The Clothes Horse says. 

(I love her blog, it is poetic and romantic and all her clothing choices are both pretty and practical, something I am trying to accomplish.  She wears the cutest vintage dresses and accessories and is inclined to look at the world through whimsical eyes.  Is there anything more fitting than her quoting Emily Dickinson's "To venerate the simple days..." in a photo spread about quietly enjoying the summer in pale colours?  I think not.)

I've had this dress for about two years and I love the art nouveau print and rich teal colours, but I usually just throw it on lazily with my flat loafers.  Yesterday, I teamed it with diamond patterned stockings and brogues instead.

I kind of like the look, Greek and gothic vaudevillian, if you will.  Plus the diamonds look kind of cute going up the skirt.

Printed dress - Robinsons.  Patterned tights - Topshop.
Bird earrings - Accessorize.  Brogued heels - Paris. 
Giant black rose ring from Diva - Worn but not seen.
Photos by Mavis


priii said...

i know i haven't been commenting in a while.. but i have been faithfully reading everyday. =D

and i LOVE the tights. love. heaps. and the bootie looking shoes. love. LOVE. i'm so sad i can't wear them. they make my feet look like ronald mcdonald's.. no offense to him or his feet.. at least HE can carry them off!

Shoe said...

YAY! Thanks for commenting and always reading... it means the world to me!

I'm sure there are booties out there that will work for you! Don't give up hope dude... I'm sure there are brands which will look really nice and the way the shoe is cut at the ankle makes a world of difference so keep looking!!!

Anonymous said...

love em too..where do u get the tights and booties from?

Shoe said...

Hi anon, sorry for this late reply! This pair was from france, but you can find similar oxford booties with heels in places like Topshop and New Look. (New Look even has cheap sales where you can get shoes with leather uppers for $30!)

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