Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A day like today

Mavis got married over the weekend (I can't believe it and still refer to Brandon as her "boyfriend") and the small solemnisation and wedding were simple, sweet and lovely.  The wedding was held outdoors at Fort Canning Park, so it was a lucky thing the beautiful (but hot!) weather held.

The solemnisation was held under a big, beautiful tree with branches like outstretched arms.  We sat on benches in its shade on either side of an aisle strewn with rose petals and flanked by whimsical green pinwheels. 

I don't think I've ever seen Mavis look so happy.

The bridal party danced down the aisle, and then her father gave her away, while she beamed, resplendent in a gauzy full skirt and olive sash.  As Dhany said, Mavis looked really really pretty, her makeup was just nicely done and everything, right down to the her spotted green heels and the fascinator on her head, looked just right on her.  Brandon also looked dapper in an olive shirt, grey vest, grey pants and sneakers with green laces, all picked out by his wife.

 Dhany hiked his pants up in the heat.

 They recited vows they wrote themselves, lit a unity candle and signed the marriage certificate while the pinwheels danced in the breeze.

They marched out to All You Need Is Love.

Dhany took tons of photos of me and Jamie, each one at which she screamed, "No putting this on the blog!".  Clearly she doesn't know me very well.  Uh well Mie, you know what the copyright laws are once a photo is taken.

My outfit of choice:  A lace dress from Topshop, Dr Marten cutout heels, bangle from Bangkok and clock necklace from Asos.  Jamie wore a blue-grey dress, belt and cream heels with a fuschia clutch from Anteprima.

Dhany wore a vest from Zara, white t-shirt, pants from Volcom and shoes from Bangkok which I love because they look like a cross between saddle shoes and the kind of shoes old mafia gangsters wear with spats.

At some point, it was time for Mavis to throw the bouquet and twenty or so "single ladies" were herded out onto the lawn.  The first time she threw it, we all actually ducked in horror as it sailed through the air and hit the floor, for which we got a shelling.

The second time round, knowing that Jamie was standing in front, Mavis turned suddenly and lobbed it right into her face.

I can't tell if she was thrilled or mortified.

We ate dinner inside a small building next to the lawn called the Raffles House.  The tables were simply but prettily laid out in green and white and Mavis' sister, Michelle, had even made tiers of cupcakes with pale mint-coloured cream to match.

We took polaroids, sang and got choked up as Mavis teared up thanking her parents and played a video of a dedication she had written to Brandon. 

And then, while the sun set behind Fort Canning Hill, we said our goodnights. 

I don't know what else I can say about the wedding other than that it was beautiful and intimate and more than that, felt warm and heartfelt and full of laughter.  As weddings go, it was pretty damn good.

And as marriages go, I hope they'll have a wonderful happy ever after. 


melo said...

looking pretty girls!:)


Shoe said...

Aww thanks for commenting Melo!! See how Jamie resolved her dilemma in the end?? HAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Ya! I can see that the aunty chickened out haha.


Shoe said...

Even up to hours before she was waffling back and forth until I was like WOMAN. Just show up in whatever, stop confusing me!! Muahaha!

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