Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Girl dresses like a kid for fun

This is the first time I've worn my converse sneakers since they got trashed good and proper at Soundwave in March.  They turned a dusty yellow from the sandy Australian soil and one of the soles has a hole in it, siphoning in water each time it rains heavily.

It was raining heavily the day I wore this (hello, wet feet!), so, while the rest of Orchard Road was floating merrily away with a Massimo Dutti mannequin, I got cosy in a cardigan, tights and socks of a slightly different tone.

Mavis says I looked like the new mascot for the civil defence force.  Well, SCDF, if you're looking for a model and are willing to pay a goodly sum for here, you know where to find me!

I may have to rethink it however, if all your hoses are as grimy as this one.

White shirt - Uniqlo.  Black cardigan - Cotton on.  Bubble skirt - United Colours of Benetton.
Tights - Topshop.  Shoes - Converse.  Necklace - Accessories.
Ring - Revelation via Epitome.  Ability to balance hose on shoulder - Ingrained.

Photos by Mavis

Yeah, I don't know, I look a little too happy fighting fire.  All I need is a hot fireman in an ass-flattering jumpsuit and I'm truly good to go. 

Perhaps a little career change is in order.


priii said...


Shoe said...

Thanks Priii!! The photos are hilarious right? My friend is an evil genius!!

Let's eat PB and J soon, please?!?!

Anonymous said...

Where is the hole? Can't see it! ))

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