Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So um, it's not like I'm trying to inflict a photodump on you, but um.... yeah, I guess I am.  I had a bunch of random things which I thought were cute, but didn't actually fit into any category.

Kim learnt about my capsule machine obsession and bought me this.  Look what it opens into!  I couldn't understand the Japanese on the sheet that came in the capsule, but since it has little pineapples on it, I'm guessing it's Hawaiian.  Cute!

Also on the topic of capsule machines, I came across one that totally cracked me up.

These Lucky themed ones are just killing me.

I love how the special style is basically one of those segmented candy dishes that everyone and their dog brings out at Chinese New Year.

But the real killer is this bit:  How is the symbol for "benefit" a Koi Fish?!  Do we even eat Koi at New Year?  (Okay, sorry about going all Benjamin Franklin on the capital letters there.)  Also, as Dhany pointed out, what does "Benefit" even mean?  Aren't good health, peace and careers all "Benefits"?  And why, of all things green and good, is the symbol for Peace an Old Chang Kee curry puff?

All the secrets of the universe we will never know...

Wan Gek, an ex-intern turned full-fleged reporter, alias rapper name Dubya G, also stopped by with snacks!

And a super cute outfit.  I like how this is cute and chic, but major reporter-practical.  We run around all day every day to highly unexpected places and it's hard to dress up for work every day when you don't know where you're going to end up.

At one point, I actually started just throwing on cargo pants and sloppy shirts to work (I still do some days) because it was so much easier.  But this combination is comfortable and flattering.  I believe the top is from Cotton On and the skirt is from Bysi.  (Unless it's the other way around, in which case, sorry!)

Also, is anyone else digging the Snooki hair?

Finally, my mother found out about my love of all things Domo and brought the following DVD home for me to watch:

Look how she posed it with the Domo on my bed and the bat, also hanging on my bedrails?  My mother is hilarious.

The liner notes on the back have a picture of Domo popping out of an egg and the names of episodes like "Domo and TV"  "Rock 'n' Domo" and "A Date on a Boat."

I can't wait!

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