Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Short 'n' sporty

It's no secret that I just love Uniqlo and their basics.  (I just saw on the fly button of my bright green Uniqlo cropped trousers, it says "Since 1984" so hello, Uniqlo is as old as me!)

I bought this sporty hooded dress because it looked amazing on Agyness Deyn in the poster (she has NO thighs, whereas I'm half-Indian and have more thighs than a bucket of fried chicken) and even if it doesn't cut quite the same figure on me, it feels fun and flirty with some tights and cute accessories.

Hooded dress - Uniqlo.  Beaded necklace - Made by my mother.
Cuff - River Island Men.  Navy tights - Topshop.  
Plimsolls - Northstar.  Earrings - Accessorize.

Photos by Jamie

Please hire me as your next spokesmodel, Uniqlo!!  I'm not demanding, I won't throw a bitch fit like the girls on ANTM if you give me a makeover and I know all about "broken-down doll posing" (and "Smizing like Tyra" but really, who gives a damn about that?).

Also, unlike the models you currently have, I won't give your customers unrealistic expectations of the clothing.

For example, when you have "cropped pants" on a model and they hit calf length, it's probably best to tell us that the lass in the picture is like, six feet tall.  You don't want your customers buying said cropped pants and finding them swimming around the ankles.

You know.  Just saying.


Anonymous said...

loving the earrings!

neh say where the bag came from

Shoe said...

Oh! hahaha the bag is from coach, like one of my favouritest bags ever!!

Thanks for stopping by, anon!

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