Saturday, July 3, 2010


Completely by accident, I stumbled upon a Robinson's sale happening at the expo last week, which meant, unfortunately, shopping!

The Robinson's sales that are frequently held there usually boast some pretty good bargains - I once got an FCUK dress for $30 and I saw a whole bunch of Steve Madden shoes for just $40.  It's just a whole ginormous room with banners screaming "Household"!, "Shoes"! "Jewellery"! and people riffling frantically through piles of things.

I headed out with an amazing pair of Mary Janes from a brand called Fly London, whose logo is actually a very unattractive and anatomically correct housefly.  I don't know how much these cost normally, but mine were $59, which, for real leather shoes, is not too shabby.

They have cushioning inside, which is always a delight and I don't know if you can tell, but one side is actually lighter than the other as it was the display piece and faded under the store lights.  Ideally, when they both wear in, they should have faded to a nice shade of olivey-slate with cute cream trim!

Navy blouse - Mother's.  Khakis - Volcom.
Mustard bag  - Aldo.  Grey mary janes - Fly London.

 I wore mine with a ruffly navy blouse, buttery cuffed khakis and one of my favourite bright mustard bags!

 Photos by Dhany

And then, um the craziness started, so I should stop.

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