Thursday, June 24, 2010

A very merry unbirthday, to you!

One late Saturday, sequestered in the office, Kim and I discovered that we are both fans of vintage Disney. 

We kept sending each other youtube videos of the songs in Disney movies while typing things on the office chat system that went like:


(Points for knowing the line after!)

So on the spur of the moment, we decided to have an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party to celebrate our unbirthdays, which were, believe it or not, on the same day!  (Every time I tell people we had an unbirthday party, they get a little confused.  It's not rocket science, people, you have one birthday a year, so by default the other 364 days must be your unbirthday, capisce?)

Dawn agreed to dress up as the door mouse.  Kim was the Mad Hatter, and I was Alice.  Dhany came, supposedly as the March Hare, but didn't actually wear any costume at all. 

We ate at Food For Thought, a cute non-profit cafe on Queen street with glass jars for lights and tiled tabletops.  I'd never been there before, so I enjoyed the quaint atmosphere. 

There are two branches of the cafe, and our beloved Mad Hatter, a little touched by the mercury in the brim of her sombrero, showed up at the wrong branch and actually sat at the table, waiting till she realised her folly. 

By all accounts though, this branch on Queen Street is supposed to be nicer, and the food was lovely.

Two annoying women seated next to me took half an hour to order dessert and then proceeded to lambast journalists in general for publishing sleazy things that were not of interest to them.  By the time they started whining on about their maids, I was boiling.

When Kim and Dawn arrived and la biddies glanced sideways as us, Kim leaned over and cheerfully announced: "We're having an unbirthday party," much to their bewilderment.

"Um, as long as you're having fun," the more supercilious of the two said.

The door mouse was fantastic in furry grey ears, bowtie and big black nose.

As was the Mad Hatter in a squashy top hat (Disney-themed to boot!) and really cute rose necklace.  This photo of Dawn cracks me up all the time, there is a touch of the evil rat in her eyes, no?

As Alice, I came with my own Dinah, chained to my neck.  This was actually a prize from a capsule machine, one with beautiful and incredibly detailed toys, unlike the crappy and strange stuff you normally get.  Just look at the detail on it, and only for two bucks.

Bubble dress - Fcuk ($30 only at the Robinson's sale!).  Espadrilles - Spain.
Hairband - Six.  Earrings - Topshop.

Kim had a towering Red Velvet cake which came with chocolate, cherries and cream cheese.

I had the dark chocolate and stewed cherry pancakes with Gula Melaka syrup and fresh cream.  HELLO!  None of that stupid fake maraschino shit here.

Dawn had a grilled vegetable sandwich that smelt divine.

We discussed all kinds of funny and inane things over tea and ate the whole meal in costume (admittedly not as difficult for me because my costume looked fairly regular).  It was even better than the actual Mad Hatter's party because people actually finished their sentences and everyone got to drink their tea. 

There were even magazines on the walls for people to look through.

Shirt - Nudies.  Shoes - Clae.
Navy pants - Comune (but not the kind of commune with evil Jim Jones type characters).

Kim even brought a copy of Alice so we could discuss (although we talked more about the cartoon) and cute forest green shoes that her mother bought from Shanghai.

It was a wonderful, warm, lazy afternoon of good food and really good company.  And I felt nicely content when Dawn took her nose of at 5pm and made the transformation "back into a human", as she put it, before we all went our separate ways.

Already, my evil partner and I are planning our next outing, probably a Marx Brothers themed one with chocolate cigars, fake moustaches, tuxedos and silly one-liners.  All photos in black and white please!

Man, if it's as much fun as this one was, I'm psyched!

Also, a very merry unbirthday to all reading this, my guess is it's likely to be MOST of your unbirthdays, unless it isn't, in which case, come back tomorrow! 

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