Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My love is braver than you know

Sunday found us at the Pixar exhibition that's been in Singapore for ages.  I love Disney - Pixar movies, I must have seen almost every single one of them.

From the moving, deeply comforting relationships in Monsters Inc. to the finely nuanced portrait of kitchen life in Ratatouille, I've enjoyed each one immensely.

Also, the Science Centre fascinates me (although it has a tendency to smell like something that crawled out of a formaldehyde cupboard after three weeks) and there's always something interesting to look at.

Rudi, for instance, is fairly engaging to look at, would you say?

The centre has a water park just in front of the entrance which is great for those restless kids who would rather run in and out of fountains than look at experiments through tiny peepholes.

Clearly someone was happy to be there.  (Apologies for the pits to the camera, but understand that it is a brave move, as Nigel Barker will say on ANTM.)

The tots in the wading pool were particularly cute.

The Macdonald's there also has loads of vintage sets of toys that have been released with Happy Meals from plushie Hamburglars and Grimaces to teddy bears in costumes for every conceivable activity.

There is a full set of Snoopies in costumes from all countries, the same one that sits on my shelf  at home when my parents ate something like 60 Happy Meals in a month to collect them all for my brother's birthday.

There was a fulcrum-lever system exhibit that allowed the tiniest child to lift 200 kg just by pulling on a rope.  The not-tiniest children got in on the act with gusto, too.

Thrilled as a groom in a bridal catalogue, I say.

When we actually got to the Pixar exhibition, I found out photos weren't allowed.  And how I wish that wasn't so because it was, quite frankly, a stunner.

There were the most beautiful, finely drawn conceptual sketches, colour scripts, storyboards, each showing stages of some well-loved character in development and the thought that went into it.  Sully, the monster from Monsters Inc, was drawn first with tentacles and floppy horns, later discarded in favour of lovable, stumpy feet and smaller protrusions.

There was a series of sketches depicting movement, a huge mural of the Incredibles under a forest waterfall, and even x-rays of the Toy Story characters to show the gears and workings inside.  If not for the photo-nazi who went around wagging her finger madly, I would have been clicking away.

As it was, all I got was this plan of all the fish in Finding Nemo:

Also a massive hit, the breathtaking Toy Story zoetrope (which is like a thing where these huge discs with figures on them spin round and round and then when a strobe light is trained on them, they appear to come to life).

I ganked a video from youtube, but it really doesn't do justice to just how lovely the Zoetrope was. 

We finished the exhibit then hung around the Science Centre for awhile, playing with the experiments and watching newly hatched chicks totter around like bloody drunkards.

Another pretty exhibit:  a strobe light on a stream of falling water at different frequencies will make it look like it's going forward, backward, or stopping in midair all together.  ("What is it with these magical strobe lights?!" Rudi exclaimed.)

 Grey top - Cotton on.  Vintage wash jeans - Uniqlo.  Cut-out sandal - Dr Martens.
Necklace - Diva.  Bracelet - Pandora.  Chain handle bag - Asos.  

It was sunset when we finally left for a scrummy seafood dinner, all glorious and yellow-gold and oblique, just as it should be in the dying hours of a lazy weekend afternoon.

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