Saturday, July 10, 2010

And we sat down in the grass

A few days ago, I caught Abba Cadabra with Diana, Margaret and Dhany at the Esplanade.  They're basically an Abba tribute band with several more musicians and I don't know about the rest, but I had loads of fun because I am a massive Abba fan.

True story:  I knew every single word of all but three songs sung that day.  Also, I was dancing violently in my seat.

Diana and I both went hippy dippy with maxi dresses, hers with vintage denim, and mine dip-dyed.  I just got my maxi dress from Uniqlo and thankfully for once, it hit at the right length.  I love how cool and comfortable the cotton is.

Maxi dress - Uniqlo.  Hairband - Six.
Bow necklace - Far East Plaza.  Woven bag - Cambodia.
Belt - Marks and Spencer's.  Sandals - Clementi Central.

These sandals, from an uncle in Clementi Central for only $13, have followed me through hell and high water.  Well, high water anyway.  I took them white water rafting with me in Ipoh and walked them down a waterfall when I went waterfall abseiling.

Probably not the best or safest choice, but they held together wonderfully.  I love the rustic-looking rope detail, and I feel a bit sad now knowing that the stall is probably no longer there now that the place is undergoing renovations. 

Met up with a bunch of old friends very briefly after the concert - we've been through so much laughter and crap together in school that we ended up staying good friends long after it ended.

Jonathan has always had his own individual sense of style.  Back in uni when most of us threw on jeans and sneakers, he was in cool shirts from indie-type brands and carrying fancy bags.  I love his blue boat shoes!

Mel just came back from India (she is ALWAYS travelling) and I loved her sari, which she put on herself, and the way she matched her adorable mitju shoes with it.

The prints just work together so well and the little umbrellas are so cute.

I managed to take ONE (lousy) picture at Abba Cadabra before the nazi-usher came shuffling over to tell me to put a sock in it.  It was at the end of the show, where they got all the kids to get up and dance on stage and the whole audience was on their feet. 

PS  My favourite Abba songs are Our Last Summer, Waterloo and Does Your Mother Know.  Do you like Abba and what are your favourites?? 

Oh, Bjorn, your shoes... Elton John would be so proud!

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