Friday, July 9, 2010

Mulled wine

Dhany just bought a really interesting pair of pants from Levis.  They're like manpris, but not quite, with a buckle at the base of the leg that allows you to cinch them if you like a more tapered look.

He wore them like this the first time, but with the lovely deep colour, they look great rolled up as shorts or just unbuckled. 

Grey shirt - Topman.  Shoes - Puma.  Woven belt - Insight.
Manpris but not - Levis.

Dhany is getting skinnier by the day.  I don't know what they're piping into the water at his place, but I need me some.

I really like how they work with the colourful belt!  And I can see someone is feeling the tyrannical power.

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