Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The best of them won't come for money

I showed you this label a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't show you what came in the package.  I'm happy to say now, though, that it's back from the tailors, all altered and ready to go! 

I got it from Dear Golden Vintage (the blog has a link to the etsy store), an etsy store famous for its one-of-a-kind vintage threads.  It's run by a lady and as far as I can ascertain, she personally collects the pieces one-by-one.  Some examples of the things that can be found on the blog:

Photos from http://deargolden.blogspot.com/

Seriously gorgeous stuff.  I'm not usually one to shop online - I feel there's nothing like trying something on.  But I'd been stalking the shop for a few days and I found something I just couldn't resist, so I decided I'd have a bash, and I couldn't be happier with the result!

It wasn't cheap, but the shipping was hassle free, and look!

This is a 50s circle skirt, which means the fabric of the skirt was cut in a complete circle before being gathered together.  The print, if you can see it, is tiny orange, yellow and green camels lined up across the fabric.  It was the camels which sold me, I never can resist anything with quirky, slightly deranged animals on it.

The skirt came with a 32-inch waist and was swimming around my ankles, so it was probably made for a much bigger woman than I.  I got the waist taken in a bit and hemmed it by about 3 inches to show off some ankle (sacre blue, so risque!).

I wore it last week with a forest green top and a fistful of rings.  I can safely say I've never felt so ladylike before, like Rory Gilmore circa the Donna Reed episode.  I got several stares, not all approving, but I didn't care, I was dancing down the street in a 50s dream.

Green blouse - U2.  Skirt - Dear Golden Vintage.
Shoes - Herman Monster.  Necklace - Elle.  Assorted rings.

Yes, that is a weed leaf you see.  I wear it for my extremely straight-laced aunt who bought it for me, proclaiming that she loved what a dear, sweet maple leaf it was.  We had to get on the interweb and show her what a weed leaf looked like before she finally caught on.  Every time I wear it, I think of her.

There are some small flecks of mint green paint on the skirt, and every time I look down at them, it makes me happy to think this maybe what a lady wore when she was painting her new house so many years ago. 

It's not the same as owning new clothes, but there's something deeply charming about buying vintage.  I'd recommend all clothes lovers give it a try, and Dear Golden is a pretty good place to start.


lauren said...

what a wonderful post.
first of all, you look super adorable in the skirt. second of all, you totally have the right idea about vintage - things are one of a kind and if you love it, have it tailored! i have a closer relationship with my tailor and never pass up a garment i love because of the fit if i can help it.

thanks for letting me know about this post, it has made my day!


Shoe said...

Hi Lauren, thank you so much for leaving a comment, it made me really excited! Haha...

I'm exciting to foray more into the world of vintage stuff and am always looking to see what else you've got in the shop :)

Anonymous said...

can u recommend a good yet affordable tailor in spore?
loving the skirt! the print is so unique!


chaoticgood said...

I watched a drama-documentary called The Queen (obviously as it states, about Elizabeth and her rise to power and parts of her private life) over the last few days. And other than sporadically paying attention to the information being presented, I kept thinking to myself, "OMG, Shu would love those shoes..." or "Shu could totally pull that look off".

You realize this means that you, my dear, have a distinct style. Kudos on the vintage! Esp the rings too (but I'm biased towards rings :P)

Shoe said...

Hi tragicurlyhip, thanks for the comment, I love the skirt too! I don't know how "good" the tailor is, but I go to one in Katong Shopping Centre because I live in the East. It's run by an old couple, very nice. She charged me $16 for the hemming and waist and did it in a week. I was happy with the results, so maybe you wanna try it out?

Shoe said...

Hahahah Beck thanks! I'm touched you think I have a sense of style (and also that you think about me at all :P) I'm curious to know which looks you connected with me.

Also, The Queen is an awesome movie, no???

chaoticgood said...

Of course I think of you! PFT! Just not every single second...that'd be faaar too obvious that I was in fact stalking you. DUH!

It was a 5-part docu-drama, not the movie. It has an amazing way of telling the story and dramatizing things without being too over the top. Amazing props too. I can't remember specific outfits but a lot of the outfits the Princess Margaret character wore, reminded me of you.


Shoe said...

Um... is Margaret the one that looks like a horse?

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