Saturday, July 3, 2010

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 Follow my blog with bloglovin!!

 For the longest time, Jamie has been on my case for me to put up a service that allows readers to subscribe to the blog so they won't have to keep refreshing the page to see when new posts are up (KIMTHISMEANSYOU).

So I'm trying out Bloglovin', which is a pretty little service where you can read all your blogs from one site and it lets you know when I have made an update to save you the trouble of going to the address every single time.

If you're into feeds, go on ahead and sign up, it's a very pretty interface and lines the blogs you follow up for you to read quite nicely!

Here's a quick video that tells you how it works!


Just Ruthie said...

Such a small world. I stumbled on your blog from another blog and lo and behold I see DHANY! So i decided to say hi and not stalk silently. Tell Dhany I say hi! See him in Tahoe if hes going at the end of the year :o)
xoxo Ruthie

Shoe said...

Hello Ruthie!! It's Shuli, thanks for stopping by! I'll tell Dhany and make him reply personally when he wakes up :P

PS I stopped by your blog and it's SO pretty!!!

Shoe said...

Heya Ruthie, I posted a comment earlier, but it doesn't seem to display, I'd just said hi back and that your blog is really pretty!


ruthie said...

Thanks! Stop by all the time :o) hahaha

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